Art Speaks to Art

I’ve never been good at making lists of my favorite books, songs, paintings… of my favorite art and artists. I love so many creative minds that have blessed the world with more sources for creativity. However, the written word is—without doubt—my favorite kind of art. And if I had to choose a writer whose mind, work and artistic ethics I completely admire, it has to be Neil Gaiman. The man is intelligent, has an enormous heart… and when it comes to telling tales, he explores the brightest and darkest bits of the human psyche… often, through the same character and story.

For day 24 of NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015, Base a poem on a piece by one of your favorite artists. I can’t wait to see your poetry speak to music, to fiction, to painting, to sculpting, to other poetry, to tightrope walking…


* Leave a link to your poem, as a comment. Include the title of your entry, and the direct link to your post. Example: “NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015”: Visit other Wicked Darlings and comment on their yum. They might visit you (it’s polite).

* If you use this prompt, please link it to your post. And if you are feeling extra delicious, link your poem to the main entry. Show others where to go. Spread the word. Linking back to the source will motivate your muse to invite the muse of your favorite artists out for drinks.

Neil GaimanShamelessly stolen from Greg Carpenter, over at PopMatters

23 thoughts on “Art Speaks to Art”

  1. For April 24th I have:

    We still have a few days yet, but I think that those of us who make it through the whole month having posted a poem every day deserve some kind of title that we can put at the end of our name, like a step or several down from “poet laureate”; we could be “poets minas” where ‘minas’ is the greek word for month. The latin word is ‘mensis’ but um…yeah, probably not that. 😉 If all else fails we can get a t-shirt: “I survived NaPoWriMo and all I got was this t-shirt. ”


    • I just roared at your “no mensis”! Hahaha!

      I like Gina’s idea of a haiku. A lot! So I fifth it. Someone else will have to fourth it (even numbers? I’ve had quite enough of that thank you!).

  2. Thank you so much for this, Magaly–I have been completely stymied the last few days and really needed an inspiration–though my poem is very very short, it is something, and I don’t have to hang my head in shame or resort to pulling old ones out of mothballs. ;_)

    Three Sails

    I will be back after gardening to visit.

    • I’m picturing all of us wearing a t-shirt with a haiku on it. And of course, this haiku must say something about “the cruellest month”. I will consider leaving Stetson’s sprouting corpses out. 😀

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