Baked Tilapia with Pineapple, Orange, Kiwi and Coconut Milk

In the past, I used to cook for my beloved taste buds alone. But since my tummy—and pretty much my entire digestive system—went on strike, I began to cook for my health… and taste, of course; life would be a rather horrid thing, if I had to spend it eating foods I disliked.

Here is a recipe my Piano Man, the Little Princess and I have really enjoyed:

Baked Tilapia with Pineapple, Orange, Kiwi and Coconut Milk

– 3 pieces of tilapia fillet
– ½ cup fresh pineapple chunks
– 1 cup fresh kiwi chunks
– ½ cup orange juice (freshly squeezed)
– 3 tbs. coconut milk (I love using fresh, but canned will do just fine)
* salt to taste (I use a bit less than ¼ a tsp.)
* olive oil to grease a 9 x 9 pan (I use ¼ of a tsp. and spread it around with my fingers)

• Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. Sprinkle salt over the fish, and place in greased pan.
• Combine pineapple, kiwi, orange juice and coconut milk in a blender, and pulse until somewhat smooth. Pour the mixture over the fish. Cover the pan, and bake for 28 minutes, or until the fish becomes opaque and flakes when pulled apart with a fork.

This super moist tilapia goes well with rice. I was on a veggies sort of mood, so I served it with steamed potatoes, carrots and chayote. I added ginger to the steaming water (for yumminess), then sprinkled the steamed veggies with dill (to help my tummy), and turmeric (to dull the arthritis *fingers crossed* and for a bunch of other things).

Little Princess Quote: “If this dish was on MasterChef, the judges would say, ‘It looks disgusting!’ Then they would taste it, and say, ‘But it tastes delicious!’ no offense.”

I can’t say anything about turmeric yet, since I haven’t been adding it to my food for all that long. Dill, on the other hand, is a miracle for my tummy. I started drinking ginger and citrus leaves tea and adding dill to my diet, to battle bloating… and I’m currently winning. 😉

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  1. I’m glad you’re starting to win the battle of the bloat! And I guess if we can find a silver lining for the tummy troubles… there is creativity and artistry in finding ways to make limited food choices into delicious meals! 🙂

    • At least this battle… I’ve found that if I limit my servings to no more than one cup of food, maybe one cup and one fourth, then I’m all right. For even if the foods are of the non-bloating variety, if I eat a regular serving, my stomach complains. But hey, we can’t have everything (at least not at the same time 😉 ).

      Here is for artistically battling the bloat! ♥

  2. The Cuckoos are also changing the food we eat and the way we cook it. I will still indulge the youngers with foods they love but SM and I are on a more natural path with our meals now. Congrats with finding foods good to your innards. Gina’s frogspawn comment is a hoot. xoxo Oma

    • The Little Princess wants to eat exactly what I eat, and rarely anything more. But we keep on telling her that she’s growing bone and muscle and a gigantic brain, so she needs her healthy fats and protein… We have to kind of trick her into eating some things, but we are still glad that she wants to eat healthy.

      I think our bodies are very much like machinery… After some decades, the parts start asking for less roughage!

      And yes, our Gina is hilarious. 😀

    • I had no idea that dill helped with gas and bloating. I’ve spent the last few months reading research findings, old grimoires, herbal manuals… As of right now, I’ve added fresh nutmeg, start anise, cloves and dill to my diet, for bloating… and it’s working!

    • I started using dill, on a daily basis, after you recommended it. I can’t take it in large amounts because of my stomach issues, but I’m upping mu intake slowly… can’t wait for my body to get the message.

    • Turmeric has always been in my spice cabinet, but I only used it on specific dishes. It wasn’t until after Sharon told me about it, that I did a bit of research, and started using it as medicine–taking it every day in food and/or tea. Ginger and I have been bedfellows since I was very, very, very young. Weird, it doesn’t refresh me though… It has always made me hot, even a tad sweaty… I wonder why…

  3. It looks delicious! I use turmeric in almost everything as well as garlic and ginger and it has helped with my facial nerve pain a lot. Also the little dog I’m fostering who was paralyzed when he got here is on turmeric and coconut oil with his food and today he moved his legs! I’m so glad your winning the fight against your troubles.
    Three cheers for yummy healthy food!

    • I used to love my garlic (and miss it). How much turmeric have you been using?

      You are doing such a wonderful job with furry foster babies. They are lucky, lucky, lucky to have you! ♥

      • I go through a thumb sized knob of fresh root in a week. I had trouble finding dosage info and didn’t want an overdose like I ran into with my ginger. (Think stomach flu symptoms .) My furry foster babies heal me as much as I do them.

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