Bald Is Better with Earrings (and a sexy Piano Man who gets funky pre-going-bald haircuts with you)

“Don’t think of it as dying”, said Death. “Just think of it as leaving early to avoid the rush.” ~ Good Omens, by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman  


Nope, I am not dying just yet, my Wicked Luvs, so stop reaching for your blood-red-and-midnight-black best… I just really love this quote. All right, I love most Pratchett quotes… and when my Knight Writer’s imaginative wit is joined by the yumminess of Neil Gaiman, well… I must share the wild, wild, wild wisdom.

I love that those words embrace the soul and center of my chronic positivity: I do believe, believe, believe… that there will always be something great to get out of even the worst of situations: if the next few months promise to keep you dazed for hours at the time, catch up with all those TV shows you’ve been meaning to watch; if all your bits get so exhausted that you feel they are about to fall off, think of the whole thing as a challenge against your endurance; if the glorious jungle that is your hair is about to fall off in a week or 3, get funky haircuts with your partner in crime, in love, in living; when life gets too serious for games, play seriously hard; when darkness threatens to feed on all that is bright, let your fire burn, shine…

This year, my Piano Man and I were not so sure we would make it to New York Comic Con. I was supposed to have a port inserted last week, on the same day the convention started. But… completely coincidentally (and not because my doctors totally rock), the surgery was scheduled for after the convention. We did not attend two or 3 days, as we have done in the past, but we got to go on Sunday. And since the very first thing we saw (a Good Omens booth) included the phrase “third nipple”, I just knew all would be well (and slightly hysterical).

If we’re friends on Facebook, then you already saw this picture. Still, I had to share it again. I mean, how often do you get to show the faces of your husband and your TV boyfriend in the same picture? *waves at Crowley aka the coolest Doctor ever*.

There was not a lot of swag (that my Piano Man and I were interested in) this year, but we found rather cool earrings for the not-so-little Princess and for me. This pair glows in the dark. I might have to take them trick-or-treating.

Remember that bit I said at the beginning? About how “I believe… that there will always be something great to get out of even the worst of situations”? Well, I have finally figure out what to do with all the pins I have been hoarding for years. This one, which reads, “I’m wondering what to read next…”, was a gift from Rommy. The black ribbon came with a gift from Emma. See? I did not lose a breast, I just found a cool place to show off my pins and ribbons and scarves. 😀

These two might be my new most favorite pairs of earrings. How many beings get to say that they can dangle the TARDIS and two bat’leths from their ear lobes?


health Updates and other bits…

1. I am doing well, just busy juggling doctor’s visits and new treatment planning.
2. My inbox is full and then some. I’m not ignoring you, but… it might take me a while to get to your messages and emails and such.
3. The Beautiful Freaks Fest 2 announcement post will go live Monday or Tuesday. What? Don’t tell me you thought we would skip this year. Of course not! freakish beauty is relentless. Besides, nothing replenishes the soul (and distracts the flesh from hurling its guts out) like a wild bit of cyber-partying with awesome friends.
4. The title of this post was partly borrowed from Andrea Hutton’s Bald is Better with Earrings: A Survivor’s Guide to Getting Through Breast Cancer.
5. I don’t like even numbers, so here is an odd line… just for me (and for you, too, of course… if you want it): be good, be wild, be deliciously you… always.


47 thoughts on “Bald Is Better with Earrings (and a sexy Piano Man who gets funky pre-going-bald haircuts with you)”

  1. Love seeing your smile glowing at me from the cyberpage, and the two of you have possible THE coolest haircuts east of Discworld. Love you girl–stay strong, and live every moment. You are always in my thoughts.

  2. Oh my gosh, your hair looks awesome!!! I swear, the more that goes wrong in your life, the stronger and hotter you get. You are so damn delicious — right down to the soul, baby.

  3. Oh yes, he was, wasn’t he? The coolest Doctor ever. (And did you ever see him as a mischievously irresistible Casanova? You’d love it.) You and your Piano Man are very cool too! And so of course are Sir Terry and Neil G. As for ‘there will always be something great to get out of even the worst of situations’ – a big yes to that too. Yay for deliciously inspirational you!

    • I have not see him as Casanova. And you know what? It’s available for download on Netflix. I shall delight in his yum tomorrow, during another long, long, long… dance with the men and women in scrubs.

  4. You and your Piano Man, YOU ROCK! Love, love your haircuts. Those gorgeous earrings, pins and ribbons…ah, well beautiful girl, what can I say! I just love your chronic positivity, Maga. Love always. <3

  5. I love the new look and am THRILLED to see Piano Man, who assumes heroic proportions in my thoughts for how incredibly cool he is. Love all the photos, love how you carry us all along on your journey. You are way cool, kiddo. Just sayin’.

    • I keep on telling him just how incredible he is. And the fact that he looks at me like he has no idea what I’m talking about, as if he is just doing exactly what is natural to him, the wonder that is him grows in my head and heart.

  6. I love how much joy there is in all the pictures (though the third nipple picture is more of a study in surprised amusement). The matching haircuts are about the cutest things I’ve seen in awhile, and I regularly watch anime.

  7. I can not believe i missed this. You hide from the World and you think the World waits for you to come back in an everlasting hibernation… I am so sorry.. How can i fit all the prayers, love and support i should have given in this comment here…???
    I searched for you in instagram lazily and midsleep and I found out… I should be flogged, but then again i would enjoy that too much..
    The haircuts are very sexy by the way!!! I am here if you ever need to talk,via e mail, instagram, mail pigeon, smoke cloud, telepathy…
    Georgina aka greekwitch!!

  8. Wowness….you and your piano man are soooo beautiful and inspiring!
    deep hugs to you both…and thanks for sharing you precious world…such love and power!
    PS: you look so super gorgeous!

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