Banish, Craft, Build

The fourteen oleaginous sand jackets,
collected in over five hundred and forty-six
infirmed nights (with their days),
are now shrouding the sheets that cuddle my bones.
I will drill the stout layers into submission,
work them hard, and
sweat them off my back.
I will banish the sand jackets
and reclaim my seeable Self in thirteen weeks.

Fifteen moons ago, I promised
to do onto others… with my hands.
I will fulfill that oath,
with handmade words.
I will give fitting shapes to my thoughts
and pay them forward
in fewer than thirteen weeks.

There is a hollow space on the red wall of my heart,
awaiting a shelf made of urban driftwood,
to house a Wild child, two Crow girls and three Thorns.
I will build that shelf before thirteen weeks
have gone by.

NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015, Day 6 – I Will Do It in Thirteen Weeks: Your poem should list three achievable goals, which you would like to accomplish within the next thirteen weeks.

Banish, Craft, BuildIt’s my birthday (well, it was yesterday). I can share a picture that has nothing to do with this poem if I want to. I do want to. So there. And no; I have no idea where the Little Princess picked up her fashionable sock style *cough*.

29 thoughts on “Banish, Craft, Build”

  1. Love the socks, where can I get some? j/k
    When I first read your title, I thought of minecraft, I sometimes play it.
    When I read your entry I got a sense of uplifting will to change and clean
    up your sense of being. I wish you good fortune in your endeavors.

  2. Happy Birthday! Always a good time to set down some goals, but I hope one will be: ‘Be good to yourself’.

  3. I know many people who couldn’t do one tenth of this in thirteen *years* yet somehow I am believing in your magic–the magic of thirteens, the magic of spirit. (I also LOVE the socks.)

  4. Happy Birthday, kiddo. I Love the photo and the poem is SPECTACULAR! Especially the closing stanza which just rocks my world. I love the driftwood shelf for the Wild Child and two Crow Girls inside your heart. Let them out to do a few swoops around the ceiling! Then let us know what they did in your next poem! Smiles.

    • It’s one of my “Be good to myself bits.” I’ve been doing it for a while; kind of a way of reminding the mind and body that we’re still alive and living. 😉

      I’m waiting for it to stop raining in order to go and collect the wood. I suspect that all the snow and rain of the last few weeks would have stripped the urban driftwood beautifully.

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