Beautiful Freaks Fest, 2017

My muse and I have been spending wild days and wilder nights writing beautiful freaks… There is a spider who loves a witch, an armless vampire dolly who enjoys a loving nibble, and there is moi: a witchy writer who celebrates everything unique (especially when the uniqueness in question comes with a serviceable hammer and a grin full of pretty teeth).

The other day, while chatting with my friend, Emma Yardis, we discovered that my muse and I were not the only ones with beautiful freaks in our minds. So, we have combined the power of our freakishly awesome yum and decided to co-host a blog party… and we would love for you to join in the freaky fun.

Join us in a celebration of all the misunderstood monsters, misfits, outcasts, and oddities of the world. Let us explore the tragic, ironic, mad, funny… from the quirkiness of The Addams Family to the deep mind of the Frankenstein’s monster, from the fun creepiness of carnival and sideshow attractions to the eeriness of wax museums. Think characters from Tim Burton movies and Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, gentle igors and adorable harpies, mummies with loving (if mildly shriveled) hearts… all the so-called monsters and aberrations who are often kinder than the humans in the stories they bring to life.

Write a story (313 words or fewer), make a doll, birth a poem, paint a pretty freak, share a review, retell a myth, create a new myth, craft jewelry for a vampire… post something you love about beautiful freaks and tell us why you love it. Have a blast. Grin madly.

the wee notes…
– To join the party, add your blog link using the Inlinkz tool below. On party day, Emma and I will publish new posts where you can add the link to your contribution.
– Please do not leave links in the comment section. The comment section is for your, um… comments. If you leave links there, I will delete them. Embrace the blue linky frog.
– We shall party from Jun 23rd to Jun 25th. You can post (one entry per platform) every day of the party. Visit other Beautiful Freaks lovers. Spread the word. That’s what the Fest is all about. If you have any questions, please add them to the comment section. Party!

Magaly on Instagram: @magalyguerreroindarkerwords
Emma on Instagram: @groovygothic
Our party tag #BeautifulFreaksFest2017

41 thoughts on “Beautiful Freaks Fest, 2017”

  1. I love writing fiction ever since your ‘Witches in Fiction’ blog party ❤️ can’t hardly wait to write for ‘Beautiful Freaks Fest!’❤️

  2. This is freakishly fascinating and inviting. 🙂
    Unfortunately the creative genius deserts me in Summer. But even without a contribution, I will be participating by reading your delicious stories and viewing your inspiring creations. Have a blast!

  3. Hmmmmm. Freak Fest, huh? Hmmmm….wanting to. Thinking in that direction. 🙂 Trying to shift modes from gentle, spiritual haiku to screeeeeech! My muse resists……………..but muahahaha

    • But why would you want “to shift modes from gentle, spiritual haiku to screeeeeech!”? Do you see every being that lives in the fringes, is view as different, pushed aside by “main stream” society… as loud or screechy? Maybe your muse should explore a bit–especially when it comes to the spiritual–I mean, when it comes to religious mythologies, for instance, I haven’t read of many individuals (who have fought the status quo in any significant way) who aren’t considered freaks by their contemporary.

  4. Oh dear, sweetest Magaly. That isn’t what I meant at all. I meant creatively. I don’t know how to artistically create a FUN freaky being, not even a kind gentle loving one. I only think of the “wind in your hair” like your IG post today which I loved…..and felt. I’ll just go crawl back under my Monday morning rock and wait/watch this one out and learn from others.😊😊😊💗💖😢

    • I am such a dork… perhaps, even a defensive dork (when I replied to your comment). You were being fun and quirky (you get it from Ms. Wee, don’t you?), and here I was reading things that weren’t there. I wonder if I’ve gotten so used to most people thinking that being a freak is always a bad thing, that I started throwing punches when no one was trying to fight me. That’s a terrible thing, not something I want for me. So, thanks so much for coming back and telling me what you meant. Don’t you just love how communication has the power to keep us from being ridiculous… or worse, unfair? 🙂

  5. Magaly, I love this idea between you and Emma!
    I want to tell you what I was thinking of. I was going to do a little writing about me 🙂 How about I was so afraid to tell people where I live, “I paint crows”. Now, I put my head up high and tell people who ask, what I do, with great passion. But, I still get people who think I’m weird, laugh etc. Sometimes, I have even thought of stopping, but no!!! Embrace the true you! Embrace your beautiful freaky weirdness and celebrate it everyday. Your spirit will show you the way!
    Then I wrote a small poem,
    I am I
    Who are you
    I love I
    Do you love you?
    Then I started to make a painting, which I am going to try to include my words in it and have it as a give away.
    What do you think?
    Big Hugs!

  6. Just signed up for your Beautiful Freaks Fest! Crossing my fingers that I can pull everything together in time.

  7. In do fast I beat everybody to this ’17’… so proud, it is one of the best numbers available 😉 yes I love our common madness malady, apparently a few beautiful freaks are subject to it 😉

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