Blade and Poison, Hammer and Shield

The dark that makes me stagger has little to do with the night. You know this, and the shine of your knowing suns away chills threatening to lair in dying pieces of me I can’t banish… alone. Menace rotting its way through my flesh won’t be defeated without blade and poison, without well fed grins, without you understanding… me. You, my sword and hammer, my compass and shield… when the unknown threatens my breathing, when bad blood blinds my dreaming, I feel your eyes, hear your lips telling me, “I’ll always be here”, lessening the worst, fighting all fright… with you.

through thickest darkness,
the soul sees her truest loves
offering a hand


a wee note…
– frankensteined from 2 poem bits I published on Instagram. The senryū originally read “friends” instead of “loves”. Linking it to the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads

and here is some of the inspiration

my Piano Man and I spent last Sunday at Terrificon. After a week dedicated to pre-mastectomy arrangements, spending a whole day doing something I love doing, and doing it with someone I love doing… um, is awesome. And, of course, the bookish loot is nothing to frown at *wild giggles*


my beloved Mistress Emma, creatrix of Groovy Gothic yumminess, sent me a copy of Drawlloween 2017, by Mizna Wada. I’ve told myself that I will save it for some Halloween flash fictioning, but… that might be a laughable fib. I mean, really


a bit busy? I know, I know but… you see, the “Witchy Woman” copper bracelet and the skully earrings I received from Phillip, The Traveling Poet, look so happy hanging from my thorny bouquet that… I couldn’t get myself to remove them from their I’m-not-wearing-them-now-home to photograph them for you


Gina, my Daydream Believer (feeling a tad possessive *cough*) sent me an INK box. It’s full of bits for cleansing and banishing and growing and loving and dreaming and dancing and… I might show some of it to you one of these days, but not today


my Rhissanna (yep, possessive *not even coughing*) sent me a LOVE bunny. The bunny delivered several wee bags for me (and one for AlmaMia Cienfuegos, I can’t show you that one because the wild girl insists on blogging about it herself in the future… I don’t argue with girls who throw rocks so accurately) and a spoon


my sweetest and dearest Stacy, wild goddess of Magic Love Crow, surprised me with a notebook and a tote made extra majestic by her art. I have so much to say about these two gifts that… I will have to write another post to explain it all


this one doesn’t belong to me, but… I had to share it. I just wanted to avoid any future disappointment to anyone who might’ve been wishing to claim Batman’s crotch (or, perhaps, his tights), someone at Terrificon claimed it all *sigh*


thank you, Emma, Phillip, Gina, Rhissanna, Stacy… for the gifts… for the intent… for the love… I cherish all of it. I also wish to thank those of you who have reached out with soothing words, with understanding words, with a seemingly simple “I am here… thinking of you… hoping for you… making no demands… just letting you know that I’ll always be here” (your loving creepiness completes me). And you, my Wicked Luvs, who always stop by this blog or Instagram or Facebook… to read my life-fed-words, I hope I never fail to let you see that you keep my ink going while I trek through darkness that has little to do with the night. You rocketh very mucho


63 thoughts on “Blade and Poison, Hammer and Shield”

  1. We all love you so much! Pull on us when you need it. We shall be your energy reservoir, a dam built with love to hold whatever you need from us. You are our ink slinging goddess and we will hold you safe! Big, gentle hugs!

  2. I think one can get through anything when one has someone who says “I will always be here”. And we will be, as well, as you walk through this next bit, my friend. I love the photos of all of your cool treasures……………all good medicine, to add to your wildish power.

  3. I was thinking that book might get some flash fiction juices flowing when you’re feeling up to it! You know how much I love your creepy tales! ❤ ❤ ❤

    I love all the loving loot! And I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, always here for you… just reach out if you need anything. xo

  4. ‘The dark that makes me stagger has little to do with the night’ is a tough thing to overcome, Magaly, and then you came face to face with the Dark Knight at Terrificon. But you don’t need Batman when you have your own knight with the shine of his knowing suns’. It’s always comforting and strengthening to know you have your sword and hammer, compass and shield’ to help you battle on.

  5. The dark only has as much power as we choose to give.. as it feeds on despair and woe. I love your positive attitude and loving, kind, light filled heart ❤ that shines through your poetry. You are loved very much my dearest Magaly 😊

  6. Ah, first about the writing — so heartfelt and beautiful, such loves are cherished and you have done a lovely job doing that in that senryu. The offering of a hand means so much.

    That’s a wonderful photograph with your piano man. It’s always so good to spend a day doing what you love best. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you venture through treatment and recovery. Take care, Magaly.

  7. A mailbox full of love, smiles and even some trinkets to decorate your armor – the postman carries loads of love t your doorstep. <3 <3

  8. Sorry I haven’t been around much lately, and sorrier about your new ills … Yet in reading this I am reminded of a line from Holderlin: “Where there is darkness, salvation is also on the increase.” Reap it fully.

  9. I’ve been in and out and understanding started dawning on me a while back, looked for some sort of announcement to confirm but found none. so sorry you are being attack by the terrible C. strength to you.

  10. ” and the shine of your knowing suns away chills ”

    ~ it is important to have the sun to help you see the light, to find some solid ground and footing, especially when the darkness is not of you, but an invader –

    so be strong, enjoy your outings, and remember to treasure the smallest of gestures that keep your heart fluttering wildly alive, that bring those smiles bursting forth …
    the power of intention can help trounce the worst of all hells ….

    thinking of you Magaly ~ be well and keep dancing your spirit alive and vibrant

  11. Love, Love, Love!!! Such a beautiful post!!
    I love the photo of you and your Piano Man! So Cute!
    And, I love all the love you have got through the mail and from everyone all around! We love you girl! We are here for you!!!
    Big Hugs 🙂

  12. Even the most seemingly indefatigable of warriors needs good folks in their corner for those moments when the shit starts burying the fan. Keep fighting. You have a phalanx of people cheering you on.

    • And even if she doesn’t need them, having them is the gift of all gifts.

      P.S. Phalanx is one of favorite words. I just loved that one could have a finger or toe bone and an army in the same exact word. How cool is that? Oh, and the meaning of this word gets even more telling in Spanish.

  13. You, sweetest word goddess, are surrounded by the light that is love from your adoring tribe. I am but one lone admirer and sister, but our numbers and wills are mighty and strong. Hammers, skulls, bunnies, crows, artings, incantations ,crystals and healing thoughts as well as wishes are all swirling around you for protection and solice. We are all here for you, 100% guaranteed.
    So much love for such a fierce woman….xoxo Oma Linda

  14. Exquisitely written! I have to admit though….this one made me tear up. It really got me in my feels, but please don’t hold that against me! It’s beautiful, raw, and emotional.

  15. So good it hurts, Hon. Keep sharing and posting and pouring all this indelible ink out. Make a mark. Hug the Bunny. Stir the coffee with the wicked spoon, and grin. You will vanquish.

  16. No, how could you possibly wait to look at Drawlloween? I’m sure I couldn’t. And skully earrings; I’m envious. (Now I’m on a mission. I did have a skully necklace once…)

    I think that haibun must be the best love poem I’ve ever read – because it’s about the realest kind of love there can be. And also because, as always, you say it so well. He richly deserves love poems, that one!

    • Indeed! The temptation of Drawlloween is just too much. Can’t wait to see your skully earrings! 😀

      You are, again, correct. I always thought that he deserved a lot–he’s just so wonderful–but after I got sick the first time and with these new development… well, my love deserves everything.

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