Book, Frog, Skull, Stone, Hammer (and, oh yes, a penis bone)

The way to my heart is dark, dark,
darkness brightened by books, frogs,
skulls, and peaches my lips drink

one life-kissed poem at a time.

At 13+13+13+1+1 (love the odds),
my skull wants
wild things (horrors and bliss) inked
life that hops and transforms

like a frog (or Muse)
waiting to inspire, or birth



Really, my Wicked Luvs. Poetry might not be all fact, but it’s all true. For my wild-witchy-writer-heart, happiness is full of books and frogs and skulls and peach wine and hammers and stones and… after visiting The Oddities Spring Flea Market, it also contains a penis bone. By the way, when I got the penis bone, I promised I would say penis bone as often as I could.

“Penis bone,” the writer whispered while grinning like a maniac.

So… I am 41-years-delicious. I am a tad healthier than I was last year. Must thank the Universe, my Piano Man, my ink, doctors, and you… for that. My sexy flesh and bones and I are strong enough to go back to indulging in real exercises (not just those damn “therapeutic” stretches, which I’m convinced are the bastard kissing cousins of torture). A day at a time, right? Of course.

I want to show you some of my birthday gifts, because… well, I’m an Aries and according to the scientology god of memes, we Aries love showing off our skulls (I’m pretty sure I just made that up). But hey, it could be true.

The super-Girl-child, she’s just too grown up to continue being the “Little Princess”, you know? Anyhoo, the super-Girl-child made me a skull out of LEGO pieces. She said, “It’s a vampire skull, ‘cause it’s bloody. Get it?” Yep, I get it. 😀 My favorite of the gifts I got from my Piano Man is the 1st American Gods graphic novel. There was much squealing… Followed by serious cooing, when I saw the happy frog pillow case my MIL made me.

My friends from the hospital got me a wee plate, a tiny bowl, and a small glass, in celebration of going back to eating as I wish. You see, when I’m on certain meds I have to eat a lot. So, now that they’re gone, I get to eat like my wicked self likes. I prefer small portions many times a day.

A few paragraphs above, I said I was going to say penis bone as often as I could. Well, I gifted me the penis bone of a badger and an orbicular jasper stone. The stone fits perfectly in my hand. The penis bone sits rather nicely next to one of my hammers and allows me to say penis bone quite often. 😀

Rommy, did not get me a penis bone for my birthday. Nope, she got me a sledge hammer. I love it. And yes, I’ve been hitting people with it.

I didn’t hit Rommy with the hammer she got me. I didn’t even hit her with the penis bone I got for myself. I don’t think one is supposed to hit friends with one’s penis bone. Friends are for smiling like a blurry lunatic with.

See? Told you. Um… the creepy rabbit demanded to be photographed.

So, what have you been up to?

35 thoughts on “Book, Frog, Skull, Stone, Hammer (and, oh yes, a penis bone)”

  1. I love the penis bone. It’s a lovely penis bone. The penis bone brings e joy and giggles. You gave yourself a great gift when you bought that penis bone. Every birthday celebration should include a penis bone. The best thing about a penis bone is everything about a penis bone.

    (Not only you get to say it as many times as you can! 😉)

  2. Such a variety of great gifts, but I must say, that gorgeous jasper is my fave… although that clever Lego skull is a close 2nd. Super-Girl-Child has a wonderful flare with Legos!

  3. A very happy birthday, Magaly.. I feel rather sad that the package I promised is still sitting on my desk, with your name on it… It will find its way to you with much love.

    • Don’t feel sad. The fact that yours is still sitting on your desk makes me feel better about the fact that I, too, have been holding something for you since forever and a day. I’m the worse at mailing things, lol!

      Thanks so much for the birthday wishes.

  4. First off, the pictures of you and Rommy are just too wonderful! Happiest of birthday wishes, both bliss and bloody! What girl gets to possess her own boner? You, you wicked, sexy gal! Love you to bits!

    • I adore Rommy’s face on the first picture, especially… She looks all sweet and cute, but that sparkly in her eyes says, “I would totally scratch your eyes out.” Or, maybe, I’m just projecting. 😀

      Thanks a million for the birthday wishes, and for recognizing the glory that is my penis bone(r). Bwahahaha!

  5. Those are some great gifts. The vampire skull is a keeper.

    So great to hear it’s been a good year for you. Any year we can say we felt better than the year before is a win.

  6. Dear gorgeous birthday girl! I nearly missed this special occasion (I’m away from the internet at present). It sounds like you had a blast with all the amazing goodies you got. 🙂
    Here’s toasting to you, health, love and friendships. ♥

  7. Hi Magaly… All I can say is that you look fab with such hairstyle!

    Happy Birthday!!! :)) Love to see your smile after so many days… I had many things happening in my life – mostly positive ones.

    Love and hugs!!

    • Oh, goodness, it has been so long, Anna. It’s so good to read you. I shall go lurk around your blog to see what you’ve been up to. Hope you, your Little A and your hubby are doing well.

      Many hugs.

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