Cackling While I Was Naked

My eyeball is healing. But we’ll be on a few medications, rocking glasses only, and seeing the ophthalmologist a lot for the next few weeks… just to make sure things continue to improve. I noticed the infection early, so there has been none of the agony or blurriness I had to live with the last time my cornea went holey. Alas, no sexy eye-patched pirate this time around.

The last few days were for listening to audiobooks, resting, walking, taking care of logistics, and for running s l o w l y (I did other things too, but they involved cackling while I was naked, and this isn’t that kind of post). My legs and lungs are regaining their strength quicker than I expected. I’ve been good to me—taking a lot of breaks while exercising, even when the pauses weren’t prompted by fatigue; and I’ve been sleeping. I’m following a hybrid version of my former Daily Thirteen, Jeff Galloway’s 5K Training, and guidance from my physical therapist/trainer. I was about to start Week 3 of 15, when my eyeball got its dot… so I’ve decided to start over from week one… on Monday, I think… No rush, right?

I want to thank every Wicked Darling who sent me get better soon wishes and hysterical jokes—you rocketh very mucho and your sense of humor is freaking delicious! My inbox is about to explode, so please don’t think that I’m ignoring you if it takes a bit before I reply.

To those of you who emailed me to ask different versions of: “How did you beat chronic pain?” (perhaps inspired by the fact that I’m running again). Well, I haven’t “beaten” pain. I doubt anyone can do that. I work with mine. Running hurts; doing calisthenics hurts; walking downhill hurts; holding a book in front of me hurts; sitting down, other than on my bed, hurts a lot… But if I keep my arms very close to my body while I run, the pain doesn’t make me lose my balance; if I modify my position when doing crunches, my back gives me a slight break; if I walk downhill sideways, with my strong side turned forward, my nerve pain doesn’t steal my breath… Small consistent compromises work for me most of the time.

Chronic pain is a rather personal thing, methinks. Many of us share the physical throbbing, the emotional burden, and often the rage. But the ways in which our bodies function and fight are different. There is no beating this, at least not for me. Most of my chronic pain comes from physical trauma, so I suspect that things will get trickier as time does its thing. I also know that I’ll come up with new tactics in order to help my mind and body dance with the trickster. This is the only advice I can give: Listen to your body; never allow pride (or misplaced badassness) fool you into believing that you know more than what your body tells you it feels… Then glare a lot and bare your teeth. I do it all the time.

On the writing front, the conclusion of the Laila Flynn web serial shall be published on Friday. It’s already scheduled—no spotty body part can postpone the mayhem. I’m almost done with the first draft of a Lum and Darlene novella, for the second book in the Blooming Howls Series). Oh, and I’ve been having some serious research fun while I learn about the haibun, haiku and senryu Japanese forms of short poetry.

That’s all, my Luvs. I showed you mine. Would you like to show me yours? If you aren’t too shy, that is *cough, cough, cough*. Seriously though, what kind of trouble did you get into while I was gone?

P.S. Feel free to roar at Fate’s obliteration of my recently-born schedule; I did… Then I grabbed a pencil and notepad and drafted another… What if Fate feels the need to murder my latest effort? Well, I have writing supplies galore… plus endless stubbornness to boot.

P.P.S. I shall lurk around your cyber homes tonight… Muahahaha!

TenacityNature’s tenacity, as portrayed by this tree, had me grinning like a lunatic, for at least a quarter of a mile… 🙂

33 thoughts on “Cackling While I Was Naked”

  1. Yay for getting better! I shall have to pick your brain about your poetic discoveries, but that can wait until you’re functioning relatively well again. 🙂

  2. Thank the gods your eye has given up! I am amazed at your ability to bounce right back, no matter what comes your way. (Facing you is probably some kind of karma-related punishment.)

    Jokes aside, I am so, so glad you’re starting to feel better once again!

  3. Hey, most positive person in the world! I just spent Memorial Day weekend without my Lyrica–a horrible oversight, I discovered. I’m newly drugged, but it hasn’t taken away the worst as it used to and I am contemplating the surgical solution–lumbar fusion. Do you have thoughts on this? I love your description in here about not “beating” chronic pain–so though I have no means of making you smile today (except to say my first book is at LuLu!)–here I am, at your mountain asking the meaning of life.

  4. So good to hear from you, and especially, as always, in the kicking ass and taking names mode. Hang in there(because what are the options) and best thoughts and wishes that this latest obstacle soon melts itself away under your sunny rays of awesome.

    • I think that’s a brilliant thought–we should always try to fight for the things we want. And when the “want” in question is something we can’t truly live without, then we fight like mad animals… because of self preservation… and because, in a way, we have no choice. So… *growling with teeth*.

  5. Between your chronic pain and your eye issue, you are certainly being tested.. I commend u on your outlook.. I am sure u must have your moments, cuz I think most of us would… I have been told that I’m either someone’s ‘rock’ or I’ve got super strength… I think u have me beat by a mile for sure… Here’s to your eye healing fast.. I know how much you love to read.. I can imagine the withdrawals u are having… hang in there… ((HUGS))

    • Don’t forget my stomach; he’s the real bastard! I think like attracts like… So we are lucky to be surrounded by a delicious bunch of people ready to kick butt and push forward. I believe determination is contagious.

      Thanks sooo much for the hugs. Right back at you!!!

    • I forgot to make about having “moments”. Oh yes… I was having one of those on Memorial Day… but the Little Princess and my Piano Man soothed a lot of the uglies… After that, it was back to ass kicking.

      I think one of the biggest mistakes we make is believing that we can go through life without giving ourselves the chance to fall to pieces every now and again… Getting up makes us stronger…

      • I remember when my last relationship broke up..omg.. u know that deep gutteral cry, u always hear that people have? well I had it.. and the pain that came w/it scared me…yes, u are right, we all need to go to that place.. helps in the healing process. Funny how we push on when there are those around us…eventually we do meet up w/those feelings…

        • I’ve discussed that heart-and-gut-wrenching feeling of ending a meaningful relationship. How sure we are that we are dying and will never love anyone again… Then time passes, we meet someone good (maybe even better for us), and we look back wondering, “What was I thinking?”

          And yes, we learn lessons that make us stronger… as individuals… and as a half of a couple.

  6. I’m sorry you have been having eye issues, again. I’m glad you caught it in time this time.

    I watched ‘Cake’ the other night, thinking of you the whole time. And of myself, and of pain in general. It’s all about living with it. People mistake ‘getting helped’ for ‘being healed’. There are things out there that can help, for sure, but there isn’t really a cure, is there?

    • I’m often a few years behind when it comes to films, but I just watched the trailer for “Cake”… I hope you didn’t watch it alone–I was a bit shaky just watching a glimpse. I shall watch it with my Piano Man.

      You’ve been in my thoughts, too… Wondering if you would come out to play soon. And now you have. <3

  7. Glad to hear things are (relatively) better for you and that your eye is healing. Keep on trucking! I admire your persistence and bravery in the face of so many challenges. 🙂

  8. You inspire me Magaly! I love that you say you didn’t beat chronic pain, you learned to work with yours. I think that’s an inspiring lesson for so many things that try to knock us down in life. You don’t always have to beat it, you just have to learn to work with it.

    • Sometimes, when we spent all our energy trying to beat something, we just end up losing ourselves. We need to do like the smart trees, methinks; bend with the wind and such. 🙂

  9. I love that tree growing out of that trunk of the tree! And, I also love that little face in the tree trunk. Magaly, you are brilliant my friend! Very wise words you speak! We all have things we go through, and we have to keep on trucking! Keep on kicking ass! Always sending you healing hugs!

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