If We Forget…

“…if you stop loving me little by little
I shall stop loving you little by little.”
~ Pablo Neruda


you forget
me, all things
inside you will collapse,

I forget
you, my whole
being will lose meaning,

our hearts
forget our love,
you and I will




the wee notes…
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Sweet Poison

“There’s a kind of magic in masks. Masks conceal one face, but they reveal another. The one that only comes out in darkness… [and in love, methinks]. ~ Terry Pratchett [and me]


I fell for his tongue
(sweet poison inked into art)
a satire of love.

i was lost, lost, lost… in lust
without love—pleasure
hath no north.

In the chaos of hidden thirsts afire,
he is madness (a learned art)
on skin, wanting and waiting…


love melts masks.


for a friend (who l believe might benefit from these words *right now*).

Mad Love
, by Dave Lebow


linked to Poets United.