Chasing Wholeness with a Knife

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49 thoughts on “Chasing Wholeness with a Knife”

  1. I can feel the intensity of the pain, the confusion and rage in “cutting through all she wants but fails to understand”.. Powerful write. Happy Tuesday, gorgeous 💖☕

  2. The places you find your inspiration never fails to amaze me…birthing something so visceral from a simple statement from a stranger. Love it! XXX

  3. This carefully carved piece of word-craft covers a lot of territory, inner and outer, public and private, and could stand as a metaphor for personal as well as political cuts and pains–afa Babyman and his brainwashed millions, the hate that runs amok right now is a mad killer, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that when you welcome the one inside who plays with knives, sooner or later you’re going to bleed.

    • I never understand how someone holding a knife by the blade fails to see that those s/he stabs are not the only one who will bleed. Then again, anyone acting like this can’t be held to any measure of rationality.

  4. I cannot say anything more succinct that what Hedgewitch wrote. It seems that many people feel like they have been given permission by those in high places to let their ugly out. We are the screaming witnesses to the carnage.

  5. I think Hedgewitch got it completely right. One might almost (almost!) be moved to pity as you say in the last portion, except that there is no room left for anything but disgust at the needless cruelty.

    • I’m glad that line was unexpected. I hope the shock would translate like that. For I’ve seen it in the eyes of too many, who have been watching the mess without doing a thing, just look surprised when everything is torn and bloodied at their feet.

  6. Fucking for virginity, chasing wholeness with a knife, it’s all pretty futile, and fueled by the crazy poison that’s heavy in the air these days. I keep hoping that the Orange Infection will finally explode in a gory spray all over the doubletalkers who defend him.

  7. The idea that some haunted individual would seek asylum by writing out her pain in verse, with her own blood from biting her tongue…. as well as inflicting/cutting her entire village, is powerful and emotional.

    • I think, that every now and again, some of us put ourselves in terrible situations. And instead of doing our best to get our of it–to admit that a mistake was made and we need to fix it–we just make the problem bigger, throw more crap at it, then get upset because others don’t understand why we continue to fuel our own suffering… It’s a terrible thing to see because there isn’t much one can do, you know? When someone destroys everything she touches in a ridiculous effort to make things better by tearing it apart.

  8. Love the title… and the way it cuts deep, I wonder how many who thinks that you can mend with a knife…

    Like crashing a mirror hoping for wholeness among the shards.

    • I think too many people think that way. And it’s a terrible thing. It’s like using physical beatings to teach a child to be gentle. It has never worked. It never will.

  9. This conjures so many powerful-decadent feelings and images in my mind..I so love how your words/energy ripples out….boom..striking a most surreal bell of haunting visuals..(love that rush and intensity I feel in your work!)
    I also love the deep irony in the title!

    I am enjoying catching up on your beautiful world..hope all is sparkling in your realm, Happy May!

  10. I love, ‘chasing wholeness with a knife.’ On a larger scale, there are dangerous people running a country with knives.

  11. The entire poem, not just the IG version, is totally worth the read. Sad thoughts, but truth. Sometimes the road leads to that end. Nice, nice write!

    The Orange Infection cannot enter me.
    And JC must be worth something to get as far as he has in life in that “business”. Besides, he’s kinda cute. Well, not really but he isn’t orange.
    I will NEVER get in a fistfight over anyone at all.

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