Choking You Lovingly

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67 thoughts on “Choking You Lovingly”

  1. That is quite a choke hold. The personification allows one to read this as a kind of toxic human relationship too..

  2. This was a great metaphor for emotional abuse or being in a relationship with a narcissist. Creepy and scary, indeed. Such images you conjured up!

  3. Such weed… such passion, abuse and dependency… to be in love of a parasite, the worst kind of relationship… still I read it also very clearly about the use of sex as a tool…. maybe that’s really why it works… splendid write though

  4. Sad, scary, powerful and intense.
    How are you feeling my dear? Are you any better? Is your body accepting the drugs? I hope you are already stronger. You are still in my prayers, thoughts and heart!

  5. When I see such parasitical growths I am conflicted….should I help the “pretty” or should I allow nature to compete her plans for the future? Who gets to chose over life or death in the end? Sometimes it is better not to think too deeply XXX

  6. Seen a lot of relationships like this–mildly creepy doesn’t even begin to go there. ;_) This has (to my dark mind) a wonderful air of suffocation and consumption, of the futility of resistance before a far vaster and more wild force–weeds are almost always the winner in the fight you describe here–and so we have survival of the fittest I suppose, but perhaps not of the most beautiful, special, delicate or unique. Loved every word.

    • I just replied to Rommy, on a comment she made about this poem on my Facebook page, that when I finished writing this, I told my Piano Man that might be one of the scariest things I’ve ever written. The idea of being in the hold of a person who thinks the way this weed does is terrifying. There is no play here, just hurt “suffocation and consumption” like you said. *shivers*

  7. Whistles!!! OMG Magaly 😀 this is pure genius. I love how you fused two prompts with such ease and flair.. such a hot, steamy and sensuous write… absolutely adore passion flowers ❤💜 Beautifully executed. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support 😀

    Lots of love,

  8. Revenge of the weeds! Of course there is a weed-self in our damp dark interior, the ugly part of our tenacious hold on life — willing to squeeze the bejeezus out of what- or whoever to gain purchase on the light — it’s what organic cells must do. Our flowery culture disdains the weeds, but our poetry cannot be honest without diving them their due. (Thanks Rommy.) Besides, who are WE to deign what is beautiful and what is not?

  9. To give in to the muse is to surrender to her sensual power over you — to let her guide you toward an unknown end. It seems a risk but I’m glad you gave in. In this case, she took your words to passionate, beautiful heights. Thanks for sharing.

    • Every time we fight the muse we lose. We might dance and shake until she believes we are doing exactly what she wants and how she wants it, but yes, in the end, when it comes to the birther of ideas, surrender is the only productive option.

  10. I feel you trembling in my hold,
    going limp, and I know you’re doing it for me

    A weed yes! But still very much like the lass that curls up and overwhelms her man


  11. The title alone had me in a (good!) choke hold – yes weeds can often weed their way in..slowly..insidiously..silently..and suddenly they we are wrapped up and stuck – and yet there is your force – your Self.. who i i suspect found a way ‘out’ of that hold and negotiates on her own terms

  12. The consumer wants all, the consumed only thinks of escape, scary stuff, but very sexy at the same time, easy to see how enchantment can turn dark very quickly sometimes,,,

  13. Wow, that is quite a hold! I agree, scary! I never thought of it in the other way, of a “human” relationship! As always terrific words! Got me thinking and terrific photo!

  14. Wow, faultless personification of weed. Choking feels so real, and a nightmare to the one ‘choked’. Like an unhealthy relationship that takes over and consumes, till there’s nothing left. Very well written!

  15. It’s the way of the world … some thrive, others are buried and choked. One day we will be eaten as well, most likely by some superbug. Just trying to enjoy life until then. ^^

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