City Wilds

you look
beyond my steel,
you’ll find my heart

I grow bridges and tunnels and trains and… toes,
toes that park their boots before kissing soil, I am
more than cracked concrete and shrieks of “Taxi!”

you want
all my wilds,
come… and find me


my favorite city park grows wild wishes


Linked to Poets United (City).


39 thoughts on “City Wilds”

    • Thank you, Therisa. That’s one of my favorite places to exercise. And I swear that dandelion stay perfect for about three days. It was so cool… to see how well we can play with Nature (if we leave her alone).

  1. Lovely Magaly, trust you to know where to find a city’s heart!
    And you are right, we find it/her there amongst the green and hopefully, she will rush into the heart and souls of city dwellers, should they come and look and find her.
    Anna :o]

  2. To see into the heart, into the wild heart of hearts is a gift, Magaly, and you have it here, top to toe. I loved your comment on my poem today–thank you. NYC, the East Village, was one of my cities. And O, so sorry, I had to replace your link after inadvertently erasing it (and my original comment here).

  3. As you live in a city you find beauty there more easily than a casual visitor, and being a poet your eyes and mind use your finds to indulge in teasing words.

    • I like all the looks of Nature–in the city, in the country, in wild places made wild by all sorts of different things. Sometimes, I wonder what I will do with all the seeing and loving, if I couldn’t share the experiences through words. Thank goodness for poetry and storytelling.

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