Creative Collaborations and Sponsors for Witches in Fiction 2016

One of the things I love most about Witches in Fiction (and other themed blog parties) is seeing the wonders different souls can create, while being inspired by the same idea. This might be one of the reasons why I find so much joy in the creation of the party banner. I tell Shelle what I’m thinking, she tells me what she thinks about it, we rant and shake our fists, and awesome is born.

When I started writing this post, my intention was to explore the different bits that inspired the Spelling Healing into a Rotting World painting. Then I thought of something, which I believe is better: I would love to know what you see in the following close-ups of the painting. Tell me about the expressions on the faces, about the items included in the painting, about the colors, the mood, the feels…

the Painter

the Writer

she could be the Knitter, the Singer, the Ninja, the Potion Maker (the Potion Sniffer?)

the Gardener

the Sculptor





I plan to examine the painting in the future. When I do, I want to include your insights. I’m really, really, really curious to learn what you see. I think this painting tells so many tales…

Sponsorship… There are 5 artists sponsoring this year’s party: Alchemy & Ashes, Eliora, Three Cats and a Broom, SunshineShelle, and Touch of the Goddess. They have filled the 5 individual slots I set aside for this year. However, there is a lot of room left in The Basket: the last giveaway of the party, which will include my own giveaway and the giveaways of anyone who wishes to sponsor starting today. If you are interested, please email me at magalyguerrero @ live . com.

P.S. This just occurred to me… My contribution for this year’s party will be a story inspired by Shelle’s painting. I will try to incorporate “what you see” in the tale. I always love what we create together (like “On the Wheel of Living and Dying”). What do you see, my Wicked Luvs?

30 thoughts on “Creative Collaborations and Sponsors for Witches in Fiction 2016”

  1. Well, I have a soft spot for the potion sniffer! Sometimes good medicine can smell not so great, but I have found that when one of your bodies (physical, mental, emotional, auric) needs something to help them heal, then the medicine will smell lovely to them until they no longer need that particular oil.
    I found it interesting that several of the figures call to mind certain members of my list of writers and artists on my Facebook page!

  2. I love the poppet and think that it is just up my thought process alley. I’d love to contribute to the basket. I’ll send you a photo of what mischief I am managing and let you decide…..tralala Oma Linda

    ps anything created by my girl Shelle is spectacular as were your joint ventures in the past. Really looking forward to this year’s shindig.

    • There is something in the eyes (and grin) of that poppet. I wonder what that might be…

      I will add you the the sponsors list. Like Shelle, you’ve never made something I haven’t loved. I’m so happy to know you’re crafting! ♥

  3. Ok here goes;

    1) The painter has gone into a trance as her brush (wand) takes her over. The painting is born as colours and form are taken from the writers incantations of words. A spell of creation is brewing.

    2) The writer (who seems to have an amazing likeness to you dear Magaly) is chanting her enchanting words as they drip from her pen into the cauldron. The resulting spell is given life via pen and the painter’s brush. The vaporous smoke starts to release it’s magic into the air and it begins it’s slow creep into peoples souls, hearts and minds.

    3) Potion Sniffer is inhaling the magic aroma as new ideas to create flow into her heart and hands.

    4) The Gardener is holding her plant close to the caldron so it too can absorb the magic and gain the strength to bloom in to the beauty it’s destined to be.

    5) The Sculptor is lost in the shapes emerging from the cauldron as new designs flow into his eyes.

    6) The Skull shows the sadness of ideas not used. The ones forgotten or left to wither unloved.

    7) The mended and reborn doll gives hope to the ideas the skull represents. Hope that one day they will be found or remembered once more and given a new life.

    8) A library of past creative spells waiting to be rediscovered.

    9) Our fur babies (familiars) both living and passed over who remain forever by our side, watching and waiting while we create.

    That’s what I see anyway.

  4. Magaly, you can give my painting! I don’t have to do a post. You know what I mean, right? LOL!
    I have to come back to write about Shelle’s amazing art! There is so much feeling in this piece!

  5. Magick is afoot and this circle of crafters is hard at work making potions, calling the ancestors, spinning spells, and invoking poppet’? intention! The cat looks quite pleased with the progress of things, while the dog isn’t so sure that this magickal crafting is such a good idea; maybe it’s the spirit of the skull that has him spooked.

  6. How wonderful seeing what the faces of those gathered at the cauldron convey to others, the interpretation of the individual, their moods, back story, the painting hopefully conjures up many individual insights (I loved reading them all, & Stacy come back with yours haha I’m being pushy) and of course the end brew and collection of spells to heal a rotting world will be the best of all! I think it is a hard ask (she says shaking her fist) but I will tell you, the old woman, with wisdom gained has new life in her hands, the sculptor has what resulted of that growth(?) & will give it a new life with his vision & tools… the writer… is you Wicked one, making sure notes are taken, poetry is made of the meeting of healers which you will share with the world 😉 the artist, emotive, seeing things not yet birthed, the muse, crafter, potion maker (& sniffer) inspires & breathes, the lungs of the gathering maybe(?) represents all, as each have a part if we are to heal a rotting world… the cat, smarts & canny, maybe sees the future… the dog loyal, worried about the present… the poppet… needing a heart… skull, daisies (mmm magaly?) books, educate the masses, books/answers are there but need to be read, camera, cloth… because they can be used to create… & I like better what others have seen methinks, but chucked my thoughts in for shit & giggles (as they say in Oz) anyways xoxox

  7. I hafta put my interpretations in the cauldron….just hafta, so…..the painter is creating the original spell. It has to be a spell because its red, its flowing, its misty, its nothing else.

    The writer is scheming and drawing thoughts and ideas from the spell that is looming in front of her. Much gory stuff will drip from her pen soon. Just observe her evil look.

    The next one is simply letting the spell absorb into her whole self. She is a first-timer and is weak. She will dissolve into the red mist soon and become part of the spell.

    The gardener …. no doubt about it. She is Miss Peregrines sister, waiting her chance to come forward and be a part of the curiosities. Meanwhile, she cultivates her poisons in a terracotta pot so no one will suspect.

    The sculpter…he’s a newbie too, but obviously by the look on his face he will fit in terrifyingly well, able to sculpt anything out of leftover bones.

    The skull….just shows what has already been and what will again be. Muah ha ha

    The doll with the terrified, agonized look on her face and her deep belly wound caused by a rabid wolf, being sewn by the sharpest of all needles without antiseptic or care by the sewer of further pain, the sewer knowing the doll has a spirit and feels every prick, simply portrays the beginning of a new Stephen King story set in the darkest forests of Derry and titled The Death of a Doll….cackle…what else?

    The stack of books are books of spells, and the knitter has gone to the cauldron to join the party and contribute her knowledge of spells gained from the reading of her personal books. So many spells!

    The animals that watch are there waiting for a handout from the cauldron, after all the bones and skins and hairs of goats and tails of lizards and lips of snakes and a last-minute well deserved contribution from Lorena Bobbit are boiled and softened and edible. These are witches pets and eat only once a year when the cauldron cooks and spells are made and written down to go into another book of spells.

    Thank you Magaly for this rare opportunity to express an opinion about this awesome art. Happy Halloweeny. 🙂 I really like cackling…

    • Judie, your comment has me in tears. I was laughing so that my husband came to see what was going on. I couldn’t speak clearly, all I could say was, “Miss Peregrine.” And continued laughing like a lunatic. You rocketh very mucho! ♥

  8. I’m back!
    “The Painter”
    I feel she is the one, that brought all these souls together, to weave this healing spell, for mother earth.
    “The Writer”
    She sees what the painter is weaving and starts to write.
    “The Potion Sniffer”
    She is the peace keeper. She sends out scents of vanilla, orange and lavender.
    “The Gardener”
    She starts to bloom positive energy to this earth.
    “The Sculptor” he is thinking. He is going to sculpt something BIG!!! Something that reaches into the sky!
    “Mr. Skull”, he is there to tell everyone what he had went through, when he was on mother earth, and he wants to see things change!
    “Poppet”, don’t mess with her! She is doing something wickedly amazing!
    “The books and needles, are what all the souls have already accomplished together. Discussing things, before everything was put forth.”
    “Cat and Dog” are there for support and love for everyone!
    Big Hugs 🙂

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