Creature Comforts

If you are visiting from Poets United, do know that this is not a haibun… it’s a mostly lived tale with a senryu for a tail. I could’ve birthed it as a haibun, but… the Muse wanted a tale… And who am I to deny a yummily wild creature (made of me and ink) her whims or musings, right?


And the tale with a poetic tail…

The tooth fairy wears pale green scrubs and glasses so thick that I have often wondered if he can see my brain through my open mouth.

“I have to take the two problem children from the lower back”, he tells me, poke-poke-poking between my gums and teeth with a dental explorer. “Any sharp pain?”

“Not really”, I say, “just a prickly discomfort that suggests a prick is poking my gums with something sharp and metallic.”

The tooth fairy’s assistant pales a bit—she is new. The tooth fairy knows me, so he grins, his magnified eyes making him look like a slightly mad divination teacher.

“We would leave them in, if you didn’t have serious things to deal with soon. You take excellent care of your teeth. But I worry about infection during days you might not be able to floss and brush properly. “But don’t worry, this won’t take—”

I don’t let him finish the sentence. “I need to get something out of my bag first.”

“Sure,” says the tooth fairy’s assistant, bringing me the bag.

I grab my red-eyed raven, give it a little squeeze.

“Great idea,” says the tooth fairy’s assistant. “It’s just a simple extraction, but stuffed animals can be really comforting if that makes you nervous.”

“Certainly,” I tell her, my eyes on hers as she preps me for the extractions. “I love my creature comforts. I can’t think of anything more comforting than visualizing a cute raven pecking on the eyes of my enemies as someone rips my teeth out.”

After that exchange, the only words out of the mouth of the tooth fairy’s assistant were “Suction” and “You are doing so well”. The tooth fairy, on the other hand, uttered many words. Most of them an effort to mask the urge to laugh, methinks.


ravens in black lace
conjure creepy-cute comfort
while brewing cackles
Raven by Groovy Gothic


the wee notes…
– So, that’s where things are right now. I’m two molars down and a boob to go. They do say that threesomes are lucky, don’t they? 😉
– To those of you following Trinkets and Armor, the prompt posts no longer have a fixed schedule. The next one will probably be posted on Monday or Tuesday.
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69 thoughts on “Creature Comforts”

        • I always ask for mine. I especially liked the one with the root canal that the Army put in way back in the dark ages. Now I’ve got I don’t know where it is except in a little bottle in a drawer or a box someplace under our roof.
          Missing you, girl. Hope all is okay. A lot of water where you are too. Come visit my blog, I’m showing some of my toys playing on my dresser top.

          • Bwahahahaha! One of the teeth I requested was a crown done by the Navy in the 90s, a gold crown. For a second, the look on the dentist’s assistant’s face made me wonder if she thought that I was asking for it before I wanted the gold. Then I realized that she was just slightly horrified about the fact that I was asking for my teeth. 😀

            I shall lurk over to your blog, to see what you’ve been up to.

  1. I can see how that raven could be very comforting indeed, in a prickly situation!

    I mentioned you had inspired me a few days ago, now I am trying my hand at some visual inkiness on Instagram.

    • Problem children, indeed. Crohn’s disease is not gentle on the teeth. So, those babes require all kinds of high maintenance–thank goodness I’m an obsessive flosser (for some reason that sounds slightly obscene, lol). Anyhoo, the doc is right, if something goes not according to plan during the surgery… or if my arm is a slightly useless for longer than expected, the problem children might not survive. And no one needs that. Also, now I get to eat lots of ice cream for a while. 😀

  2. You had me laughing right from the first line:

    “The tooth fairy wears pale green scrubs and glasses so thick that I have often wondered if he can see my brain through my open mouth.”

    This story is so darkly hilarious! And nothing makes me happier than the idea of my crow giving you some comfort… especially this kind of comfort:

    “I can’t think of anything more comforting than visualizing a cute raven pecking on the eyes of my enemies as someone rips my teeth out.”

    ❤ x 13

    • He was grinning from ear to ear, so I think you are correct. On the other count, too. Thank goodness I already had a little practice–I had all my wisdom teeth removed while I was in boot camp. Not the best of experiences, especially since young (and extra idiotic) me failed to show my drill instructor my bed rest chit. So, I spent the day after surgery watching people beat the heck out of each other in pugil stick training.

  3. You are so the Wickedest of Witchy Women 😀 I can hear the Ravens laughing, waiting to pluck out the eyes of your enemies(or any misfortunate soul silly enough to annoy you lol) XXX

  4. Softly sculpted ravens would be very comforting, I should think, and know exactly what to say in a crisis. Nevermore! is a splendid cry of defiance in trying times.

    Please tell me you kept the teeth?

    • I’m saving the sweet killer bunny for the surgery stay. Heck, I’m bringing my entire menagerie of plush and loving little beasts.

      Did you ever doubt it? Of course, I asked. I even used the raven as proof of how much I need them. Poe and I, just love our teeth. 😀

  5. Oh Magaly, love your wit your writing and your personality. That raven is awesome and i am well jealous, i must look for something similar myself x
    hugs June x

  6. We too have been doing the tooth fairy thing. The children got set into three consecutive rooms and the fairy visited them one by one with fillings, sealants, and extractions. They did well but creature comforts would have been a great thing to have. Thirty minutes after work the we’re sucking down shakes so I think there pain was alright. I’m sending a rainbow of comfort feels for all that is to come.

  7. Oh shoot, that was hilarious. A great sense of humor, albeit a biting one.
    I love that raven — it would definitely come in handy to target the enemies. Ha!
    And creepy-cute comfort is perhaps of a wonderful kind.

  8. Actually you are in a perfect position on that chair to reach out and get a handful, and tell that tooth fairy if he hurts you, you’ll squeeze. ……..hard! Heh heh

  9. Toothfairy! LOL!! Love your black-laced-raven with such cute and determined red eyes to peck at enemy’s eyes :)D
    Wish I were a magic healer to heal you up instantly.

  10. LOL. I love this – and you – so much! I just read where you asked for your teeth. Hilarious. They must LOVE seeing your name pop up in the appointment book. You make their day. The pale assistant will hopefully get used to you. Hee hee. Maybe next time SHE can hold the raven?

    • My doctors and I have learned to have fun together. We see each other so freaking much that the alternative would be torture. And trust me, with some of them, it has been rather torturous….

      The assistant wasn’t permanent staff, so I might not see her again. But yes, next time, I will invite her to hold the creature that accompanies that day. 😀

  11. Love this so much! Despite my tendency toward flinching away from dental tales, this was quite the reward for sticking with it. 🙂

  12. I like poems that really give a glimpse of a person’s life, as this one does of yours. You have a way of making even teeth pulling poetic. Smiles! I laughed when you asked for your teeth. Why not? You could get a few dollars by putting them under your pillow.

    • Those teeth and I have been attached for a very long time. I thought they would probably want to come home with me… where we can share biting tales (or get a few bucks from the tooth fairy). 😀

  13. Beware of someone who has both confidence and wit for they will surely show how life should be lived, and you are that person Magaly. May your light always shine from your blog. As is fitting my dentist is a woman and we talk about books and I am amazed she understands every grunt I make with her instruments of torture in my mouth.

  14. You are brave! I am so proud of you! Having your little raven beside you, was a great idea! Always nice to have a little friend, especially one so beautifully made by “Little Gothic Horrors”! Big Hugs 🙂

  15. Awww, I love your gorgeous magical. Groovy Gothic is an amazing creatrix..and your raven poem to accompany it… is sublime!

    Love the way your writing comes to life ..and those sweet teeth of yours..home with you where they little ritual skulls with a lifetime of tales!

    Wishing you a sparkling day my beautiful friend xo

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