Dancing around the Healing Cauldron

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55 thoughts on “Dancing around the Healing Cauldron”

  1. Sharing my healing gifts(Crystal Healing) is why I do what I do I “share” more than I do sessions for paying clients because I’m not in this for money, I’m in this to help others.

    Baby Crow “How long to I have to stand here smiling like this before she notices me”
    I love Tarot reading
    The dolly is going to the Witches Ball of course
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  2. Smiles for the poem. 🙂

    I think there is a connection between letting go (as in, ceasing to own) and healing. Not just sharing something with someone, but in your heart, deciding not to cling to it anymore … truly letting others have its essence, its energy.

    • I believe in letting go of certain things, if my letting go will truly make others happy and not harm me. There are some things, though–my writing, for instance–that I will share, but never let go. A girl has to have her limits, lol!

  3. Healing progresses via many routes, some solitary, most communal. Communities heal through shared experiences, and only in sharing will the forces of creativity, spirituality, and physiology combine for optimal individual healing.

    Little crow is thinking how proud parent crows will be of the perfect heart carved in grandmother tree. 😃

    Past life regression is infinitely more interesting to me, as I had dreams in French as an adolescent, long before I’d learnt a word of that language in my present life. 😻
    Halloween doll is attending the butterfly ball, obviously…. she’s fully metamorphosed, no longer a pupal wallflower or a buffet hugging larva; she’ll flit from flower to flower in her fledgling fantasy dance.

    • I believe you’ve just read the baby crow’s mind. That grin couldn’t mean anything else, lol!

      You know, now that you say that about Past life regressions, I’m thinking that I might gift myself one. Maybe as an All Hallows’ Eve present to myself. I wonder how much of what we dream comes from before…

  4. Ah, dancing with witches used to get you burned at the stake, now it sets your heart on fire and you will never be the same! Your story is a wonderful reminder to open our eyes! Every time I make an oil, do a reading or work with energy I share in the healing. By giving of myself, I become more real.

  5. I love the poem SO MUCH. And the wonderful art and photos. I think sharing and healing go hand in hand. Healing occurs in the one sharing as well as the one listening, who resonates with what is told then shares in turn…..a circular healing. In the treatment centre where I worked, people shared while sitting in a circle and we always said “the Circle does its work.”

  6. Sharing and healing are much and the same in my world….we heal ourselves as much as others when we share the energy of Earth/Fire/Water/Air and most importantly Self. 😀 XXX

    • Yes, ma’am! On all counts. Now, send me all your dolls and certain stone and some cake… I’m doing it all for you. *CWS*

      Seriously though, few things heal our hearts and minds as much as sharing does. Even the sharing of the bad things (by discussing them with others) helps in the healing.

  7. By sharing a piece of ourselves with others, we are able to be authentic and true and our soul shines – in turn, this raw intention and energy heals/soothes another. On the other hand, if we have to hide our true selves, then this surely causes sickness as our creativity is suffocated and our body reacts negatively, be that mentally, physically or both, as well as then preventing us from being able to bless others.

    Tarot is the most exciting!
    The doll has to be going to a Halloween ball, right?!
    I’m still searching for ‘that’ Witchy book that makes me feel ….something..

    ‘I didn’t taste living until I danced with the Witch’………..I LOVE LOVE LOVE this !

  8. There is a definite link between sharing and healing. Writing about my struggles on my blog, letting it all hang out, is always scary at first. But putting words to what I feel is always helpful, being true to myself is strengthening in itself. But then when blog friends start to comment, most supportive and comforting, but some even sharing their own struggles – that’s a circle of healing right there. We learn we are not alone, we learn there’s a safe place to be whoever we need to be, we learn love.

    1. Baby crow (in a Joey voice): ‘How you doin’?’
    2. Tarot reading. I’m looking ahead at this point in my life.
    3. A murder spree – very Halloweenie 🙂
    4. ‘Marina’ by C. R. Zafon.
    5. Done!

  9. I think there is an especially strong relationship between sharing & healing when it comes to creative folk. The tale must needs be told (in whichever medium appeals) in order to soothe the burning heart& restless muse. On occasion, shared arts hit a particularly strong tolling in an audience member…whether it’s to be able to escape into another world or to discover like minded folk…. which soothes a bruised heart. Bonus points!

  10. “Trick or treat? With me?” Says Crow to Ms. Doll. “Let’s fly away, your wings & mine, through velvet night & bright moon glow.”

  11. Tarot reading..forward march!

    Since Crow asked so nicely, Ms. Doll is flying away with him.

    “Whispering Woods” by Diandra Linnemann.

  12. Such a rich giveaway! Sharing is something not everyone can do… Sharing feelings is not easy same as sharing one’s possessions for some people can be harder than for others.
    I do love to share my emotions whatever they are, I need somebody to acknowledge that they heard me… and that they understood what I meant. I feel more content when I do this 🙂 Sharing food is awesome too, for example. So I guess yes, sharing gives us inner confidence that we have someone around to share with…

  13. What an amazing giveaway! 🙂 Thanks for offering! I totally believe that when you share something from your heart without expectations to get anything in return it opens you up to receive love (in whatever form) right back. If you have a motive behind, it usually backfires.

    1. Baby crow: I caught me a heart. Seee! 🙂
    2. Tarot reading.
    3. She’s going to meet the boyfriend’s – butterfly’s parents. She had to dress up to blend in.
    4. I read so many paranormal books that I can’t remember which ones had witches in. 🙂 I remember this one though. Loved it until the cliffhanger ending. I hate those. Witch’s Brew, Spellspinners Series #1 by Heidi R. Kling
    5. I twitted. Hope I’ve done the tagging right. 🙂

    • So true. Some of us, mistakenly treat the sharing of ourselves and our things as an investment. And although that makes sense in business, it doesn’t translate well when it comes to relationships.

      I LOVE what you said about Baby Crow. He has that face, doesn’t he?

  14. Lately have had to experience people receiving things and or money in wills. They happen to be distant friends or relatives that had no expectations of receiving anything. I know for a fact that it changed these peoples life and not just because it was money. Some of the gifts were small. It was the fact that they were important to that person and that person was thinking of them at the end of their life.

  15. I definitely believe that there is a positive relationship between sharing and healing, wherein both the giver and recipients benefit. The most powerful thing we can do is to share our gifts with others.

    Baby Crow is saying, “I give you love. And I give you love. And you other there, I give you love.”

    I am super excited about the tarot reading. I’m not sure how I feel about past lives, but I do rely on the tarot in my everyday life.

    That dolly is getting ready for the Samhain party.

    Thirteen, Kelley Armstrong

    I can’t figure out how to share the giveaway and tag you, so I just shared it. It’s okay if I don’t get the 5th entry. 🙂

    Thanks for this great giveaway.

  16. Baby Crow is loving, full of innocence. Baby Crow can talk to his Grandmother who past away years before he was born and see through the veil of “this world”. m anything else.

  17. I forgot to add the rest…

    2. Tarot Reading: To get my head on straight

    3. Halloween Doll is going to the party at Hotel Transylvania for the best music and dancing until the sun almost rises, , yummy bloody Mary’s drinks to keep everyone going! Poor Mary.

    4. “Crow’s Rest” by Angelica R. Jackson

    5. Off to sharing!

    Thanks Magaly for hosting this event!

    • You know, that’s the best reason to get a Tarot reading if I’ve ever heard one!

      Poor Mary, indeed! LOL! By the way, if you have a chance, read Oma Linda’s entry about the doll. It’s wonderful.

      Crow’s Rest sounds like such a yummy title.

  18. Yes sharing & healing, sharing not just of ‘things ‘ (yet you have the most unbelievable basketload of healing here) but also, sharing of experiences, of time, sharing moments, acumulated over lifetimes with others, knowledge, that will make someones life easier, bring a smile or they can pass onto others to continue to share & to heal this rotting world. xox

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