Dancing this Rotten World Better

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56 thoughts on “Dancing this Rotten World Better”

  1. I love the way you’ve taken the wonderful Terry Pratchett’s words, Magaly and morphed them ‘into.words / that sing into other souls’ flesh and bone’. I agree with what you say in your wee notes: ‘Revenge can be that magnificent mix of dismay and powerlessness, which shrouds the faces of individuals who believed (even hoped that) we would fall apart under the pressures of the world’ when we continue to dance the world better!

  2. I like how your words send an invitation to join the speaker in dancing revenge across the spectrum of the world’s evil! The more the merrier, I say!

  3. Taking the positive from the emotion and weaving it into something that enlivens rather than consumes. Good point.

  4. “Lets dance, put on your red shoes and dance the blues”, Bowie. Yes let the world know we will not back down or give in as we collectivly weave our magic into the fabric of life. Burton’s Bar is fantastical.

  5. I always try to rise above a sense of revenge as I’d try to rise above ugly shows of anger.

    There’s a big part of me that still condemns revenge as an ego thing that should be discouraged.

    But some thing – even things I consider largely negative and ego-driven – can leave me feeling better afrerwards…

  6. Revenge is a much tastier morsel when served cold. Revenge is cool. Best enjoyed whist reclining on a lounger with a tall drink and a good book to peer over as the dam drains XXX

  7. Revenge could be living the best life; becoming the best person; being more than he or she thought I would be and let it all wash over me like golden sunlight !!!
    Ahhhh! Sweet revenge!!

  8. Dear Magaly I know I am late to read this, but very glad I finally did. I’m glad also for your lucid explanation of the positives of revenge–it’s like not forgiving–it gets a very bad name, and yet, some things it is wrong to forgive, because as a poem I once wrote said ” …forgiving/seems to throw away/the thing that really mattered..” This poem I think goes to that place, where anger becomes another tool to fight for a better life. As always, love reading your work.

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