Dessert with Skulls

We devoured a skull whose eye sockets were jammed with crimson… pomegranate seeds. The Little Princess ate an eye socket, my in-laws split half of the upper and lower jaw, and my Piano Man and I shared one side of the brain. It was delicious… how it grinned at us the whole time. I was supposed to save the other side of the brain for The Boy, but… my teeth betrayed my sense of giving. I might’ve eaten the remaining eye socket, too. I must bake another skull for The Boy.

skull-cakeboxed spiced cake mix
(for extra yum, add a cup of fresh graded carrots, and
replace ¼ of the required water with Baileys Irish Cream Caramel)

playing-sorry-after-skull-cakeAfter we had dessert with skulls (um… with skull),
there was a game of Sorry! (my Piano Man was not sorry at all)
*by the way, we had pumpkin chili for dinner*.

half-of-a-skull-cakeBefore the Sorry! bit started, the skull had already lost half its head.
Hm… the remnants of the missing pomegranate seeds
give the plate an interestingly-reddish look, don’t you think?

This is our traditional Halloween dinner. But we had it a week ago, in order to share it with my in-laws. What are you cooking today, my Wicked Luvs? Are you going to send me a wee bit? You should… particularly, if the meal grins at you while you eat it. Muahahaha— *cough* ha!

…a wee note…
If you have a minute or three, fly over to Poems United… to read “Poems for a Witchy Hallowe’en”—poetry and a wee bit of conversation by Sherry, Rosemary and moi.

29 thoughts on “Dessert with Skulls”

  1. What an absolutely unique cake! And a way to celebrate Halloween! I am going to make a cake too tonight though ours won’t be grinning 🙂 But I promised our neighbours I would send little A to Trick or Treat them…hahaha!
    Happy Halloween!

  2. I have taken your nations dish of Pumpkin pie as my tradition now…but I am also doing roast meats and Roasted root veg,including sweet potatoes which I acquired from your nation too *yes I is a food thief* 😀

  3. you asked what we will be having tonight…..chicken and green chile enchiladas, dandelion salad with pineapple dressing and “freaky” cake (it’s only a yellow cake with sprinkles baked in) with black icing. Ry gave it the name when he was little. It wasn’t just an ordinary cake, it was polka dotted and had black icing, so in his mind it was freaky. The name has just stuck.
    We had our dumb dinner last night so that we wouldn’t be interrupted, it was so enlightening to see what the grands now bring to the table, literally and figuratively. I was so happy and proud to hear and see what they have learned of our family through the years.
    Your get together looks so warm and wonderful. Always a great time of year to celebrate love.
    I adore your cake…..yum and fun.
    Happy Hallowoonie, Samhain Blessings and Blessed New Year, xoxo Oma Linda

  4. I love this!!! Maybe next year, I will have to make this cake!! Looks so good!! What a fun night!! Happy Halloween! and Many blessings for an amazing New Year! Lots of Love!!! By the way, I am having pasta tonight with homemade meat balls and spinach!

  5. I love that cake. What a wonderful way to spend time with your family. I’m just puttering away today, enjoying doing little things, like putting together bouquets of flowers for the ancestors and Maman Brigitte, filling treat bags with candy for trick or treaters and I need to carve my pumpkin. I may make pumpkin bread later and I have a beef tenderloin to cook. mmmm…now I’m getting hungry!
    love and blessings and Happy Halloween!

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