Dirt Road Dreams

The best poetry is made of human stuff… of lived words that remind heart and soul that another being has fallen (often face-first) and has gotten up grinning her defiance through a mouthful of dirt.

That was one of the thoughts dancing through my skull as I read Susie Clevenger’s Dirt Road Dreams. And this is my favorite quote, from her poem, “Bored With White Illusion”, which I’m quite certain needs to be read while growling a bit… and grinning a lot):

“I don’t want to be fed verses
that suggest but don’t commit.
If there is passion, let me feel its heat.
I want my heart to beat fast,
my breath raspy, my skin to burn.”
~ Susie Clevenger



17 thoughts on “Dirt Road Dreams”

  1. I definitely agree w/Clevenger.. her words echo how I think most feel what they truly want in a relationship.. once the beginning excitements are gone then u see how your better half really is..
    A long relationship is great only if both are keeping it going.

  2. I am often drawn to a book simply by its title, and I picked this one first from your list for a possible read. I thought it would be a book of short stories. Of course I should have known poetry, but just the title had me. I went to Amazon to look inside, and her poem Abandoned is really intriguing, although I cannot help but see a story through those abandoned windows. Its in there, I know it is.

    • I’m a bit like you on the title attraction (I’m quite partial to covers, too). I suspect, that like me, you’ve also being burned by such audacity, lol!

      Susie’s poetry pulls you into places. If you give it a go, do let me know/

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