Doing unto Others (with my hands) Many Months Later…

I have learned that forty-something months is a rather long time in blogland. I reread one of my old posts (written on February 17, 2013), and noticed that more than half of the people who left comments on said post no longer blog. But this entry is for those of us who are still around, so I’ll move on.

Today, many witchy souls celebrate The First Harvest. I planted too late this year, so my wee balcony garden is not ready to actively join in the festivities. While I thought about the act of sowing and reaping, I realized that this would be the perfect time to finally Do Unto Others with my hands, as I promised to do over three years ago. I might be a tad late *cough, cough, cough*.

Since I’m not in contact with everyone who answered my Paying It Forward call in 2013, I’m mailing my crafty bits to those who continue to play at my cyber-home: Gina from Daydream Believer, Diandra from Knusperhaus, and Oma Linda from Olde Baggs ‘n Stuft Shirts. I selected two more Wicked Darlings to send gifts to (I promised to give to 5). Their blackout poem surprise should reach them very soon. I did some thrift store treasure hunting, so some of the poem bits are framed. Not the ones going overseas, though—the frames I found were really heavy and shipping threatened the frugality of my disposition.
Doing unto Others

While in the spirit of doing unto others, let me show some of the gifts I’ve received from blog friends:

Two paintings and a blackout poem, from Amy of Sunshine and Daisies, if you pls. I love them all, Amy (especially the bits I’ve been coloring or have already eaten *cackles & giggles*). Thanks so much!
Blackout Poem and Paintings

A necklace and bracelet from a giveaway, hosted by Ms Misantropia… Thanks a million, K. I can’t wait to wear my black and red beauties. Love the layering effect (and completely adore the surprise bit). 😉
Black and Red Necklace

Wishing you the happiest and most bountiful of First Harvests, my Wicked Luvs!

43 thoughts on “Doing unto Others (with my hands) Many Months Later…”

  1. “I might be a tad late” … It’s never too late, if you ask me. I live as if today is the only day that has ever existed.

    “and shipping threatened the frugality of my disposition” … I LOVE this. 🙂

    Everything pictured is gorgeous! I wish I had it all!

    I’m adding all the blogs you referenced to my feed. Thanks!

  2. I wish I could see the post u wrote back in 2013… did I know u back then? 2013 seems so far back…I’ve lost some readers, and I admit, I’ve stopped blogging… times and things change… as well as interest.. I am at a point in my life where my interest in blogging has stopped, I guess for fear of being criticized, or having a troll on my page… I’ve had that in the past so, I am a bit gun shy…

    • But even when you don’t blog, you make your presence known (through email or comments). Some of the old commenters seem to have just disappear. But that’s to be expected, I guess.

      Don’t let people’s opinions keep you from doing something you love. They don’t deserve it. I miss your pictures, your garden…

      P.S. I linked the post, so you can read it if you like. 🙂

  3. You have very talented friends!

    I notice that bloggers come and go. I just started, but I think I can understand how it would be possible to get burned out after a number of years.

    • I enjoy interacting with talented people. *wink, wink*

      I think you’ll be one of those bloggers who stays around for a very long while. The topics might change–life changes, after all. But your blogging is so genuine that you’ll never run out of ideas, and there is so much energy in you… so I doubt you’ll ever run out of need to write things out.

  4. I’m still here and reading. I’m mostly reading these days as my downtime activity… and that’s all good, too. These things go in cycles and there’s no sense rushing them. Even still, I have guilty twinges about my “if the phone doesn’t ring, it’s me” (thank you, Jimmy Buffet) on-line presence this summer.

    Here’s to cooler weather and more regular check-ins with all my wonderful friends.

    • It’s so good to read you, here. I shall stop by your cyber-home soon. Reading is my biggest “feel-better” thing to do. Some people have music, I have other people’s words and photos. 😀

      It seems your pleas for cooler weather have been heard (at least in NYC). We are staying below 80 today!

  5. this is my 8th year and yes, many readers and bloggers are no longer around. I read somewhere that 3 or 4 years is the usual life of a blog. why do us diehards continue? personally, I can’t believe it’s been 8 years but there is the archive to prove it. I’ve never had many official followers, not much over 200. don’t know why and it amazes me that so many people have so many hundreds.

    • I’ve been around for 7 and it doesn’t feel like it has been that long. I don’t have as many readers as I used to. I think people have trouble following WordPress. Still, I used to have over a thousand readers when Blogger was my main home, but it seems that the regular readers are still the same now that I only have a couple of hundreds. Weird, huh?

    • Isn’t it? It’s absolutely perfect. I don’t wear many necklaces, since I never remove my pentacle necklace and adding to it looks goofy. But Ms Misantropia’s fits gloriously right. I can’t wait to wear it and show it off. 😀

  6. LOL. I love shipping threatening the frugality of your disposition. I know, eh? It is RIDONKULOUS what postage costs any more, more than what’s inside the package. I so enjoy your humor, kiddo.

    • I feel bad for my friends who have online small businesses, particularly the ones in Canada who sell a lot to the US. The prices are just RIDONKULOUS (I like that word, lol). I hope things get better, but I doubt it. *sigh*

      P.S. I love that you got a good giggle out of this. 😀

  7. This is awesome. I have a small box of random frames from the thrift store also, that’s the best place to find unique & ornate styles and you can’t beat the price.

  8. Hank has been rather late in your life Magaly! Feels privileged being here. Appreciate your cheeky and frequently dark postings, a specialty of your traits. Nice to be getting gifts from blogger friends. You’ve certainly earned some wonderful collections there!


  9. It is sad to think of friends who have passed on. On my part missing Viv, my precious Peggie, Charles. One friend in Japan who after 8 months posted a sad poem. Being so private, I’ve never made my address or phone number made known except to two people for fear of stalking. It has been a joy reading your words. So many lovely things have been sent to and by you. The last gift I sent my Peggie was home pickled spicy okra for her to use for a “southtini” which she adored. My first fruits from my garden have been shared with children and elderly where I volunteer part-time at the local food bank. I hope you enjoy this time and people shaare with you!

    • I completely understand your caution when sharing your personal information with others. It takes time to get to know people. And on the web, we must be extra careful. I’m always thankful for those who stick around and give me the time to know them.

  10. Love your Paying It Forward concept. You are such a generous being, and may your glass be always full. I also adore gifts from your artists friends, they are outstanding! And if I may confess, I’m green with envy, more especially Amy’s blackout poem. When I first saw it, I wanted to ask for a quote but I immediately abandoned the pursuit at the thought of exorbitant shipping costs. 🙂
    Blogland is a big world, and bloggers come and go but still, it’s possible to form meaningful friendship. ♥

  11. It’s true about blogging. I can’t believe how many people aren’t around anymore! But, I am so happy you are still here!!!
    Your gifts will be treasured!!! The girls will love them! Excellent frames you found! So cool! I have to look in my thrift shop for frames now too! Isn’t shipping crazy!! I want to have a giveaway and I am looking at my canvases, to see which ones won’t weigh that much.
    I love the special treats you got in the mail!!! Big Smiles!!!
    The necklace and bracelet rocks! So you!!
    Big Hugs!! xoxoxox 🙂

  12. Oh I love going back to old posts and revisiting my old self. It is always a fulfilling experience and yet it always makes me miss people! Sending you many harvest blessings sweet Magaly!

    • I, too, tend to miss some of the ones who are now gone from the blog world. Especially the ones who disappear with saying goodbye. But that’s life, right? And we must continue enjoying the people who stay. ♥

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