Driftwood, Sun, Smiles and Stones

“The sun is gone, but I have a light.” ~ Kurt Cobain

Yesterday was a tough day for me. The side effects of my medications started dancing with the symptoms of a nasty cold, and my body was a mess of dizziness, sneezes and nausea… No fun, I tell you. I considered going out for a walk—the sun was so bright and yesterday was supposed to be our last summery day. I put on some shorts, a t-shirt, and I think I almost got a foot in a sock before the nausea said that I was going nowhere but to bed. I know not to argue with nausea.

I tried to sleep for a while, but my brain wasn’t having any of that. So I went for the next best thing—I looked at photographs from our recent trip to Friday Harbor. This is one of the reasons I love pictures (and stories) so much. When our flesh and bones can’t take us where we want to go, photos and tales offer a glorious alternative. Do you revisit your pictures often?

The photo below, of my Piano Man and my Mother-in-Law, is one of my favorites from the trip. I love the colors, the huge smiles, the driftwood and sun, and the fact that it tells me exactly what my Piano Man is going to look like when we are older and even more awesome.

I collected most of these stones very near to where my Piano Man and my Mother-in-Law were sitting. I’m thinking about painting some of them… I must get some paint markers first.

While collecting my stony treasures, I noticed my Piano Man and the Little Princess through a pile of driftwood. She was about to get in the water. It was freezing, but the sun was yummy.

The Little Princess shivered in the waves, and I searched for some of Nature’s latest crafty pieces.

After that, I spend some time watching the waves claim a ginormous piece of wood (my Piano Man might’ve given the waves a hand… and a foot).

It was a wonderful day, in South Beach with my loves… And by the time I was done reliving the trip through the pictures, my nausea was gone, I was smiling, and I was able to sleep. “The sun is gone, but I have a light.” I have many lights—in photos, in tales… in you, my Wicked Luvs.

49 thoughts on “Driftwood, Sun, Smiles and Stones”

  1. I see a heart shaped one… I have a friend in Alaska who paints stones she’s a great artist.. She paints on any thing.. metal objects, wood, etc.. plus a great canvas painter.
    As far as your cold, suck on zinc lozenges.. its the best.. your immune system will be better.. Remember echinacea? X that out .. zinc is the life saver.

  2. You poor baby. I’m so sorry things have been so rough. But good things are coming for you. I can feel it.

    I’m going to send you some major healing energy. And I know what I’m doing, so you’re going to feel it.

      • I have a purple crystal in my pocket, and it will be there every day. I’ve walked around outside, meditating on you, pulling the toxins and bad energy out of your body, willing them into the leaves that are just beginning to die. They will fall, your illness and pain dying with them. But when they hit the earth, they will repurpose into regrowth. I did the same thing at the library, willing the yuck out of you and into the books. But I declared my intentions for the toxins, when read, to be reborn into knowledge, insight, and epiphany.

        I hope you feel something soon.

  3. I am so glad that on your dark days you can find light. Your photos are wonderful. Your narrative gives us a glimpse into the feelings you have about your family and the way nature flows around you. Thank you ever so much for sharing!

  4. I loved your story. I appreciate that you can find love and light in even the darkest of sickie days, and everywhere else you look. You seem to write the most uplifting of dark words. I so envy that bright spirit in you.

  5. I like the rocks and the pictures almost make me want to go outside. I’ll probably just enjoy your pics instead.

    I don’t have an excuse for it like you did. I’m just an indoor person.

    Well, I’m also in Houston where it’s still hitting 90 with almost 100% humidity every day.

    • That is a awesome picture, isn’t it? I remember how wide I smiled when I saw them through the twisted twigs and roots. A great feeling.

      And I’m feeling almost human again. I think I go back to running tomorrow! ♥

  6. Yes I visit the past many times through photo’s and stories, with the intention of passing them on. You better be scrapbooking these images lady! or your magical vision may be lost to the future.. A project for the colder darker nights perhaps?
    And that pebble on the far right has a big smiley on it!!! 😀 XXX

    • I was looking at your re-post of your book about your father the other day… I think I might have to start making my own book, too. I’ve never done any scrapbooking… But I like the idea of pairing pictured with their stories… It would be grand to look at them in a couple of decades.

      I see the smiling pebble! ♥

  7. This is so hard to understand, I wish I could send some healing words, but my words always seems hard and painful, just like your flesh and bones..

  8. I hope your feeling better. Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. The next day I woke up renewed and so far my mentality has been on the upswing. The ocean provides the best treasures doesn’t it. Photos are the perfect reminders of the past and present. I used to scrapbook before I had more than one child on camera’s were you had to turn in the film and hope you got a great shot. Now the computers full of photo files. The weathers been crazy so maybe some more sunny days will come around to get outside and enjoy.

    • I’m glad your mood is brighter. My flesh and bones are feeling much better, too. It’s sunny and in the high 70s right now, so I shall go for a walk in a bit.

      Scrapbooking keeps on coming up. I might have to find myself an album and some scissors. 😀

  9. I hope you are feeling better today! I often visit my photos, the recent ones and also those from when I was able to walk 5-6 times a week at the local park. I miss the walking but am so glad I took tons and tons of photos.

  10. So sorry you weren’t feeling well. I agree, pictures and stories are wonderful vehicles for our minds when our bodies cannot go. Hope the nausea has left you alone since this post.

  11. Please take care of you Magaly! You are very important to us!!! I look at photos too! Thank you for sharing yours! They are wonderful! I saw a heart stone! Such a beautiful day! I love the first photo! Big Hugs!
    (You inspired me to share the photos of me working out! 🙂 )

      • I love this dual inspiration thing too! My trainer wanted to take pictures of me today and I said no! LOL! She loves my blog and wanted to comment, but said, it wouldn’t let her? I don’t know why? I have it open for everyone. She is a good person, but hurt me today! LOL!
        Oh, and guess what!!!! She has her Facebook page and put me on it, because she is so proud of me! I could have killed her! But, it made me feel good too!

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