Drunk with Spring

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61 thoughts on “Drunk with Spring”

    • Thank you, Frank. I usually visit them really early in the morning or when the sun is setting, they are usually quite docile at those times–not sure why. And if one is very gentle, they will sit on one’s hand for a very long time without moving. I wonder if they like the warmth…

  1. Wow! This has to be the best of the best! I chose not to participate as I didn’t understand. Reading your poem, the words just slid, or hopped, into perfect harmony! Love it! Big hugs n love and here is hoping for a good weekend

    • I think this was a deliciously challenging prompt. Like I said in the intro, I almost stayed out of it because I was sort of tired (hospital weekend). Then I saw the wee frog, and the rest is poetic history. 😀

      I’m so happy you enjoyed it. I hope your weekend was fantastic. I might give you a call tomorrow to see what wickedness you’ve been getting yourself into. 😉

  2. I agree with the comment about a witch’s familiar, Magaly! Our frogs haven’t arrived yet but I’m hoping – they are tiny ones that squeeze in below the back door.
    I love the way you never name the frog but its presence in the poem is so strong. I knew what it was without seeing the image, sitting on your fingers ‘(shy, chilly, shaky)’. I love those lines:

    stanzas out of living flesh.
    It jumps in and out of word-
    ponds, until it croaks fresh


    • This was such a fantastic prompt, Kim. After I was done writing this poem, I was certain that I was going to explore the prompt again in the future. You know how different poems come to us in different ways, it would be nice to try different angles.

  3. It stays with me, it learns
    and it teaches. It tattoos
    tiny prints on my skin…. like that… the poet writes and yet the poem writes something back into the poet’s life.

    • For me, Instagram has always been a place to tease, to lure… so that people can come here and delight in the whole thing.

      These frogs are not as trusting as one might think. Getting them to sit on one’s hand involves a lot of patience and gentleness. If they feel that the person if fidgety, they run–my Piano Man and the Little Princess are not always patient or calm enough not to scare them. But, every now and then, they can get them to sit on their hands too. I’ve been lucky enough to have them fall asleep on my hand, lol!

  4. Love that photo, Magaly…and the description, the metaphor! The words just ‘leaped’ out of the poem and came alive.

  5. Whistles!!❤️💝Gosh you totally rocked the prompt Magaly 😀 I adore ” Drunk with spring in its blood, the poem draws strength from heart- beats and tears and mirth.” *swoon*❤️💝

  6. What a fantastic image of the poem… I do like that it has a form a riddle, and I knew that it was a frog before I found that fantastic picture…

  7. It leaps indeed. I really liked the imagery in this: feeding on ink from a black diamond, spring drunk in blood, et all.
    Those tiny prints are so full of meaning. 🙂

  8. I smiled throughout my entire reading of your poem! (I do love a wee froggy.) The analogy emerged so strongly and I love the way you ended it.

  9. Your poem was so beautiful and that picture…amazing. I can see why you wanted to write about that moment!!
    He is sooo cute! I would have tried to kiss him… Not to turn him into a prince he already is one!!!
    Lots and lots of love!!!

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