Estranged and Cut off

Searching for the Shadows of Oz? Here is my entry: “Sister to Storm to Dirt to Flame”. I was going to say that this introduction reads strange and out of place, but considering the poem I wrote for the event… perhaps not so much.

Now, for Day 12 of NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015… When I first thought about writing 30 poems for the cruellest month, I was going to focus on topics related to chronic pain. Detachment and alienation are often at the center of the lives of people who have to alter their lifestyle due to a change in health. But there are many other situations that feed these cold, lonely monsters… Today’s prompt invites our muses to explore the difficult topics of Alienation and Detachment. The definitions below come from

Detachment (noun)
1. Indifference to other people or to one’s surroundings; aloofness
2. Freedom from self-interest or bias; disinterest
3. The act of disengaging or separating something

Alienation (noun)
1. A turning away; estrangement
2. The state of being an outsider or the feeling of being isolated, as from society
3. (Psychiatry) a state in which a person’s feelings are inhibited so that eventually both the self and the external world seem unreal


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Dearest Detachment, by MeganDearest Detachment”, by Megan Sterling

29 thoughts on “Estranged and Cut off”

  1. I love this idea,your poem and the the detachment picture. I did some research with carers of people who have dementia using poetic interpretation Alienation and detachment were constant themes throughout xxxx

    • So glad you like the idea. I can certainly see how caring for an individual (specially a close family member) can cause bridges between caregivers and other relations. If the latter aren’t part of the ill individuals life, there are so many things that would be difficult to explain… and this kind of issues can cause those “outside the circle” to feel uncomfortable.

  2. I haven’t written this much personally in a while, I’m starting to feel a bit drained and detached from the subject matter, my thoughts are harder to get in line and focus is becoming an issue, its probably evident through my work so I apologize..But I’m gonna post every single day, this fog can go to hades because I’m enjoying myself too much.

    • I think we’re all feeling a tad drained… I think that I will nudge the topic for day 13 towards the funny end (unless people have already written it… not me, lol). We need to breathe a tad outside the deep, gut-ripping issues.

      To Hades with the fog!

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