Finding Peace, a Bit at a Time: Week 1 of Doing It Alone Is Quite Yummy, But…

While obviously high on Monday madness fumes, I challenged Rommy (and anyone who wants) to do a bit of the sort of blogging I used to do when I started doing it. Since she agreed to do it on Wednesdays, mixing the yum with the Midweek Motif felt just right. So, if you’re visiting from Poets United, feel free to only delight in the poem. But if you have a minute (or 3) to discuss writing and living and such, do read on.


the Poem…

Blood moon-drunk,
her heart asks her brain:
peace on earth?
Sure, magic happens,
if all think and feel.


the Writing and Living and Such…

Those of you who have read me for a while know that I have been ill for the last few years: a bit of cancer… a bit of Crohn’s… a bit of what-the-heck-is-wrong-with-the-nerves-in-my-left-hip-and-leg! To say that this has affected my writing is the cliché mother of all understatements.

The first time I got sick, I had to postpone the publication of a book. The second time unhealth got me, I rushed the publication of a book. The third time, well… I got so sick that I had to change the way I approached my writing and my living, too.

Like the brain, in the last line of thinner tanka I shared suggests, the whole of me figured out that for the whole of me to live peacefully, all of me had to feel the same thing and think towards the same purpose.


I stopped working on long novels and started focusing on short fictions and poetry (which, for me, are easier to craft and share… a bit at a time). Until things get back to the way they used to be, I told myself. When my Self and I learned that certain illnesses are like unwanted holiday guests who never truly go away, we embraced the words of our Knight Writer:

“There isn’t a way things should be. There’s just what happens, and what we do.” ~ Terry Pratchett

I stopped thinking those wild, I will wait until I am done with chemo and radiation to resume doing this or that, thoughts. My body is being healed slowly… a bit at a time. I’m rewriting and editing my fictions and poetries (and a novel)… a bit at a time. And I’m loving the peace the work brings to my mind. My flesh and bones will catch up… a bit at a time.

What about you, my Wicked Luvs? Have you ever had to slow down to the point that it feels as if you are crawling? If yes (and you do not mind sharing), tell me about it in the comments.


Doing It Alone Is Quite Yummy, But… (week 1)

To participate, just write a blog post telling us a bit about something you do (art, work, hobbies, living) and how doing it feeds your soul. Add the direct link to your contribution, at the end of your comment on today’s post… or, as a separate comment. If you do not have a blog, please leave your response to this prompt in the comment section.

Your post can be about anything: writing, cooking, painting, reading your favorite books, gardening, working at a shop, singing, trying to survive in an office, rocket sciencing, experimenting with your hair… Anything, just tell us how said thing enriches your life. No rules. Well, almost no rules: I ask that no one turns my cyber-home into a link-dump. Interaction takes 2, and true communication between friends takes a lot more.

I shall collect the links to participants’ posts in the first comment.


this is the work of my gifted friend, Kerry O’Connor. It inspired the first line of my thinner-tanka piece. And yes, looking at it feels like drinking a sip of peace. Thank you so much, Kerry. I shall keep her close, always…

if you find Kerry’s work as delightful as I do (and you happen to be on Instagram), you should check out her account: she is giving away a signed print of “The Lovers Dystopian Tarot” (you must enter before Dec 16th)

p.s. after today, I will post the challenge on Wed (at 9:13am, my time)


49 thoughts on “Finding Peace, a Bit at a Time: Week 1 of Doing It Alone Is Quite Yummy, But…”

  1. I LOVE the poem! Let’s affirm that magic happens, and that it even has more power when many people move toward it. Like a tilt, but better.

  2. “And I’m loving the peace the work brings to my mind. My flesh and bones will catch up… a bit at a time.” Magaly! Of course I couldn’t just read the poem. Thank you for sharing your journey as you show me what it means to bring your spirit and soul into everything you do. I have not an ounce of such a challenge as you, but I was adding to the hurt by banging myself upside the head for not working on and finishing my novel–the one from forever–the one I posted from on my other blog that has been long idle. Smf. At least until we stop moving into the dark (Solstice turn around)–I have forgiven myself and allowed my heart to stay with reading poetry and novels, with writing the occasional piece and letting myself cry. I feel so much better! I started counselling (again) a week ago, to help me see my choices, and tomorrow I go again amazed at how letting go has helped the healing. I still have decisions to make, and I know I will be able to as time ripens. I pray, sit in Light, contemplate. I often hold you there as well. Thank you for your ministry.

    • It is so hard not to get frustrated and (nearly literally) bang our heads against the wall when life shows us just how little control we have on what she flings our way. And when the flinging affects what we love most–our writing, our family, our souls–things can get really complicated. I am so glad you are getting help. That is what interacting with others is to me: help. When things get extra dark and s l o w, I reach out… and seem to be lucky enough to always find a hand. Thank you so much. And may our novels grow… a bit at a time. 🙂

  3. Firstly, I love this peace. Oh yeah, the sarcasm in Brain’s tone is quite clear, but I’d like to think that a bit of Heart’s earnestness touched it as well, so even though Brain knows world peace isn’t as easy to order up as a sandwich at Panera, hey, sometimes funny things happen when people listen to both heart and head.

    Yes, dammit, yes, I know that crawl too well. I’m experiencing it now getting back into an exercise program while my hip gets better. I’m learning to love yoga (it does feel sooooooo good) because moving in any way feels a lot better than sitting on the couch and pouting.

    So here’s my end of the challenge – I hope it is as soothing as a good bowl of tea.

    I totes signed up for Kerry’s giveaway. I’m a bit of a tarot slut. 😀 And her art is lovely.

    • You had to mention Panera, didn’t you? Do you know how long it has been since I ate fresh bread? Nope, longer than that. Which makes you a bread torturer.

      On the exercise front, I feels just as crawly… An IG friend said something about starting to lift weights slowly (8lbs.), and I wanted to laugh (I’m barely graduating to 3lbs.). But, one bit at a time, right?

  4. I am so happy that she found her way to you.. always something of a journey all the way from Africa. 🙂

    Sent with lots of love and appreciation, dear friend.

  5. First, I’m so glad you’re mixing the yum with the Midweek Motif. Because after agreeing to your “public doing”, I wondered how am I going to fit the two. So, YAY! problem solved. 🙂

    Second, I thought this delight was starting in the new year. But hey, why wait to have a conversation with friends! Now is always a good time to start. Besides I too miss the connections through blogging, conversations are much deeper here. But…but I’m tied up this Wednesday and the next because of the giveaway I’m running. So, I’ll be joining later.

    Third, I love your approach “a bit at a time”. When I’m feeling really beat up by life, and reduced to crawling (something I’ve experienced from early on in life), words have always sustained. Not only mine but of others, who are as courageous as you.

    My belief is that if I don’t give up completely but keep crawling, the magic eventually happens…as in your poem above.

    Thank you always for sharing your journey. You inspire!

  6. Love the poem! ❤️ The quote by Terry Pratchett is brilliant and on point! 😍

    I remember the long hours, the anguish, the despair that loomed like a sword on top of my head back when I was in K.L. Life is tough (and tends to kick us in the gut) if we allow it. In those days I was completely drained and lost and felt my muse was slowly slipping through my fingers. Until the day you called 🙂 Your advice helped me get back in the game and worked magic when it came to writing.

    I think your plan is great 🙂 and agree with taking things slow “a bit at a time,” ❤️ Peace, when it blooms from within proves to be the most powerful thing we can imagine, as it helps us focus and prepare for what is eventually about to happen.

    Sending love, light and healing energy your way! 😀 Happy Wednesday! ☕❤️

    • Friends are so good at reminding us that we are not alone, aren’t they? I, too, have been lucky… to have a voice, saying, “Come on, get up. We can do this.”

      Happiest weekend, to you! ❤️☕❤️

  7. Your posts are always a feast, my friend. I so admire you. I love the poem, your thoughts, your sharing it is okay to do things a bit at a time (in truth, the only way big things ever get done). LOVE the art from Kerry. I admire most that you are writing your way through and sharing your journey, with such great heart.

  8. The Terry Pratchett quote is just so perfect! And the imagery of being “Blood moon-drunk” is going to stay with me! I love it!

    As a pathological perfectionist, waiting for the *perfect time* is a stumbling block that I have to work to overcome. In spite of a hostile stomach, I began a new doll yesterday. With music cranked up, I will continue with her today. The irony, of course, is that even though I would prefer to feel fantastic when working on a creative project, the immersion in creating helps to distract me from the discomfort. And the music helps drown out the cacophony of weird gurgling sounds that my stomach is currently composing. 😉

    • Isn’t that glorious!? The way dipping our pen/needles in our art soothes the baddies? Music, audiobooks, cooking, cleaning, rearranging my books… do it for me, too. Thank goodness for coping techniques we can drown ourselves in (in the best of ways).

  9. My journey end up crawling on my belly for the knees gave out. Soon the belly said, “what the hell!!” And I was flat on my back.
    Pain became my companion..then the theme.
    Then I remembered..come to me as a little child.
    Crawl, roll, lay but laugh and find your magic..your inner imaginative creativity.
    There are thoughts dark and and brooding. Ideas also full of light. Magical places to take myself to. To take others too.
    Make believe! Reimagine yourself. Become someone else. Fanciful, terrifying, power.
    Wear costumes…change up the hair a few d makeup.
    Cover the darkness–camoflage. Then they can’t find me.
    Chase the shadows away..the fangs easily break and the holes they leave are being filled up.
    Hey wings are growing back.
    Soon I’ll be flying!!!

  10. Love how brain chaperones a doubtful heart. A beautiful Tanka, Magaly.

    Your words are so precious Magaly, one has to lap up the last bit of it. How I wish life were a hunky dory affair! It will definitely thrash, smash, hack, chop and burn, just as we do with trees sometimes. Yet there’s something that dwells inside will not let one lie down and take the blows passively. It’s that, don’t know what, keeps one move, sing, dance & write in the face of all those ill happenings. I’ve been a hacking, chopping case, in a different way than yours, of course and still limping on. You shine, gal & inspire me to live on. Wish you and yours a beautiful Christmas and a very happy new year.

  11. Love you…a piece at a time mwahahahaha 🙂
    What slowed me down to a crawl? Handing my self over to the medical profession.
    Yes I would have died without their intervention…but lack of aftercare and not owning up to their mistakes(no I didn’t take legal action) cost me many years of healing time for a “routine” operation that they massively underestimated. Taking away my bits of flesh didn’t stop me being me, but taking away my ability to “do” did. I haven’t been near a Dr for over 6 years now and am feeling more like myself than ever. I trust myself more than ever, and I crawled through the mud to get back into my garden.
    Not dis-ing all Dr’s. This was just my experience, and it made me feel I would rather have just died at the time.
    But I didn’t so your stuck with me now mwahahahahaha…..

    • I love you, too, but now you have to put that huge knife down. And stop grinning like that! 😀

      I hate that they made it so difficult, but… I am so glad that you are still here. Fighting together can’t happen if I don’t have you to be together with, you know?

      And I’m quite sure that you are the one stuck with me. Or, perhaps, we are stuck to each other. Wait, that sounds a bit… sticky. Bwahahaha!

  12. If you need someone to beta-read and nag you about things in your writing, I could try to make some time. You know I’m a grumpy old woman, we make the best test-readers because we have no patience. ^^

  13. here’s just what happens, and what we do…. these words and your own I find so moving and uplifting… thank you for sharing.

  14. I love this piece Magaly! And, darn it, it’s Thursday! Sorry! I worked Wednesday night! I have become to realize, we are only this moment! No waiting! It’s time to do, with whatever life gives you. You are doing amazing my friend! You truly are! I feel the only time I had to slow down, to feel like I was crawling, was when I was in the hospital and the year after. I was being told to take care of me! Too bad, I didn’t realize this till now! LOL! Big Hugs 🙂

    • We must always take care of us first. If not, there won’t be anything left to care for anyone else.

      This post will be open for entry all the way until next Wednesday, when I will post a new one. So… no worries. 😉

  15. Love the poem and that painting is yum- nipples and all (lol). I like what you’re doing with the blogging thing and applaud you for staying in the driving seat of your life.
    Personally, I decided to prefix my poems with a short paragraph. It gives context to the poem- as well as gets words off my chest ( and out of my head). I’ll be following you, Rommy and the other fabulous bloggers and will contribute only if I don’t spew rubbish!

    • I’m doing the same thing with my Wednesday postings–mixing life and writing and living and all the other stuff that makes us who we are.

      Like you, when I get too involved, I probably won’t link it to any of our usual prompts. But do share it here, if you like (I encourage it). I want this place to be a spot where we discuss art with the blood and fire (and caresses, too) that feed it, a place where our words smile without caring about their broken teeth or missing nipples).

      I want to see your chest… *hehehe*. I mean, I want to read the words you get of your chest. 😀

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