Finger Licking Good

I love cooking. There is something thrilling in the ritualistic act of gathering the right ingredients and mixing them together properly, in order to transform raw energy into something tasty that brings delight into the eyes (and tummies) of those I love. Well, if I’m to be honest, I rather enjoy eating my own food… understandable, since I love myself a lot.

But more than that, I find bliss in the smiles that brighten my Piano Man’s and The Boy’s faces whenever they get home and the scent of my food is dancing in the air… Few things make me as happy, as when we’re sitting at the table and the Little Princess pulls on my sleeve, rubs her tummy, widens her eyes, and makes exaggerated yummy sounds.

For all those reasons, I’m super excited about today’s prompt: Day 20, of NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015, invites everyone to Cook up a poem with a recipe in it. Because not everyone feels like I do about cooking finger licking good bits, feel free to stretch the prompt to add other people’s recipes for foods you love (just make sure you credit the chef).


* Leave a link to your poem, as a comment. Include the title of your entry, and the direct link to your post. Example: “NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015”: Visit other Wicked Darlings and comment on their yum. They might visit you (it’s polite).

* If you use this prompt, please link it to your post. And if you are feeling extra delicious, link your poem to the main entry. Show others where to go. Spread the word. Linking back to the source will make everything you cook taste better. Really.

Brewing Coconut Oil (1)click on the image for my Brewing Coconut Oil recipe (butcher knife not included)

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    • Every time I hear the little voice in my mind say, My goodness, can we write some fiction already! I remind her that we are better because of this. Yep, rather empowering… even if I have poetry leaking out of my eyeballs, lol!

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