Flesh and Sweat and Love

The story or poem that used to live here is being rewritten… or, is on its way to a new home. But worry not, I’d never leave you without something to read. Just click the following links, and you’ll be able to delight in the newest Stories and Poems I’ve published on this blog.

41 thoughts on “Flesh and Sweat and Love”

  1. I love how you bring fire to the night. Bless that the night will never be a cage for anyone. This series just becomes better and better.

  2. This is soooo beautiful, stirring and deeply bewildering…gorgeous writing! I love your dark fairy tales..so much to feast on here.(my witch bled spells) my soul shimmers!! magnificent!
    What a beautiful ending to my night of tea and reading your poetry!
    deep thanks and wishing you magic always

  3. Stunning, Magaly! I like the idea that the night would never be a cage ….. with the other in it. So true that a special person can make all the difference in the world.

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