Four Sutural Enhancements and a Velvet Cape

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21 thoughts on “Four Sutural Enhancements and a Velvet Cape”

  1. I really loved this letter by our dear Drusilla. She is an inspiration to all of us to embrace who we are, and to never feel limited by what others may see as our shortcomings. I have a friend who reminds me so much of Drusilla. Her name is Talli. She was born with no arms and little legs, and she is one of the fiercest people I know. You should check out her public page “She’s Nubs”. She’s pretty awesome. I think Drusilla would like her.
    I hope there is a positive ending to this story. Like Raven, I would protect Drusilla with all my heart. Mothers do not always know best …
    Fingers crossed for good news in the next letter!
    And thank you for this beautiful Word Goddess!!!

  2. Oh, my! A roller coaster of emotions reading this! So poignant… and yet, also hilarious: “I hide behind a stainless-steel box overflowing with severed arms and the odd pirate hook”.

    I can’t wait for the next installment…

  3. Yay for Drusilla’s strength of character! One should never change themselves just to placate others…fly free little Vampire!!! *while I stitch some sense into your dearest mama* XXX

  4. This is beautifully emotive, Magaly! It describes what we all go through as teenagers, how we face opposition by our loved ones when we fail to see eye to eye on important matters. Looking forward to the 6th letter ❤️💙

  5. I laughed and giggled with Drusilla in the earlier letters and now find I am angry along with her too. She’s quite understanding of her mother’s oddness but I’m happy her fierce little heart won’t allow her to be anyone but herself.

  6. love that Drusilla perseveres dispite the obstacles before her. She doesn’t see herself as needing to conform,,wish more of us, me too, had her spirit. Enjoying her letters,,:-)

  7. Poor Drusilla, it’s so heartbreaking when those you love see only what they think are flaws rather than you as a whole. She knows her own limitations yet has found ways to overcome them and when not able to do so then she’s not too proud to ask for help from her many friends who accepted just as she perfectly is. I hope her grandfather can help her stay out of that box of conformity that some would sooner everyone fitted into.

  8. I love Drusilla as she loves herself. I was outraged that anyone would take it upon themselves to change her in any way! And yet the teenage years hit us all hard. The “box” is a great reminder how we are all suppose to fit in one made by someone else’s lunacy, which is now my favorite word!

    I am so happy that Raven (of course) is there for Drusilla with some great pecking ideas. A very emotional letter and I could see Drusilla’s eyes ablaze!


    • The “box” is always a scary thing, especially these days. I hope Drusilla and her friends break it into tiny little pieces and then use it for compost.

      And I’m with you, Raven rocks. We all need a black bird in our lives!

  9. Well, Drusilla has a great right to be upset! Her mother doesn’t know her very well! Magsly, these characters are so rich! It is such a delight to read their stories! Thank you!

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