Fourth Time’s the Uncharmed

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57 thoughts on “Fourth Time’s the Uncharmed”

    • It’s almost impossible not to be vexed around people who believe everything happens because of them and to them. You just want to slap them hard, and say, “Hey! We’re here, too.” (And by “we” I mean “me”, lol).

  1. I couldn’t help but thing about that old lesson about the tallest poppy. If you stand out, stand taller, stand different, it is off with your head. Conformity as the new normal! Sad and angry! It was wonderful!

    • It’s a paradox, isn’t it? We live in a society that encourages individual thought, but the moment a person is actually different… all bets are of; must normalize the freak. Strange, sad and angering, indeed.

  2. Here the stitching seems not like fine embroidery, or even like the wholesome mending of a torn bit of clothing, but like the stitching on Frankenstein’s monster–hurtful and ultimately foolish and unhealing. The disjointed phrasings work perfectly to illustrate the theme–of what is disconnected, unsorted and difficult to endure.

    • I started with a poem that read more like a story. But it read too “smooth”. It needed more chaos. So I cut and cut, and then decided to turn the pieces into haiku. I’m glad it translates.

  3. Oh totally! Energy should be channeled in a positive way 😀 To dare to be different and hold strong views is a task itself in the society in these current times!
    Loved your poem!
    Thanks for stopping by love 😀
    Have a great week ahead!

  4. I love “must hurt to be weird.” It does at times, when young. But it is a trait one perfects with enjoyment as one ages, LOL. I love the tongue in cheek sound of “discreet discomfort”. I enjoyed the fine tuning in this poem!

  5. “now she is stitched and gloomy;
    scars mar unseen things”

    I really connected to this entry. Detachment plagues me all the time and I feel my
    disabilities have a heavy hand in that. I don’t know how to express what it feels like properly, just that it should hurt but it doesn’t so now “I am stitched and gloomy with scars marring unseen things”…

  6. So many double meanings here, Magaly–they give the poem the effect of a double whammy–the flower as a girl, the stitching and the scars–the bash–great title too. Thanks. k.

  7. fall in tense gardens,
    we want you to feel normal…
    discreet discomfort

    One can be under pressure wanting to be the best. But one should not complain over petty things when things don’t jive ! Great thoughts Magaly!


  8. the most beautiful thing after all is surviving alienation. let the environment around you be. you will emerge victorious 🙂

    great imagery all through out.

    • I think it’s one of the things that brought us to each other. We love our weird and love to bring it out to play in front of every one… regardless of what anyone (other than us) might think.

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