Gorey, Plath, a Chubby Mermaid, and the Dark Lord in Pink…

I have a rather soft spot for bookish treasures. Few things can make me as happy as the right book open in my hands, telling me, “I am yours, read me!” What? Your books don’t speak to you? Oh, they do *exhales with relief*… you were scaring me there. Now that we’ve cleared that up, let me introduce you to the bookish yumminess I got for my birthday:

Amphigorey Also, by Edward Gorey
Ariel, by Sylvia Plath
The Colossus and Other Poems, by Sylvia Plath
Zombie Girls, by Chubby Mermaid’s Art
1. Gorey, Plath, Zombie Queen
A few of my favorite images, from the Gorey book:
2. Woman on Bicycle
3. Frog on Bicycle
4. Skeleton on Bicycle

A quote from “The Night Dances”, in Ariel:
5. Syvia Plath Quote
I can’t wait to color the Zombie Queen (Thank you, Rommy!)
6. Zombie Queen
I also got a Harry Potter coloring book;
and yes, I plan to color the Dark Lord a flowery shade of pink. 😀
7. The Dark Lord

What are you current reading, my Wicked Luvs? What have you added to your library these last few months? Okay, if you are anything like me when it comes to books, I should probably say, “these last few days”. I hope April is treating you well. Things are a bit too chilly in NYC… for spring. I’ve been keeping myself warm with Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month (and a hot Piano Man).

33 thoughts on “Gorey, Plath, a Chubby Mermaid, and the Dark Lord in Pink…”

  1. I’m well into the Outlander series of books, having been introduced some weeks back by seeing the DVDs of the TV series. I love ebooks and have been getting them one by one from Kindle and devouring them. Fortunately each is nice and long, so it’s a feast. Jaimie and Claire are very good company.

    [No spoilers, please; I have a few more to go.]

    • They are great company, indeed! And my lips are sealed… spoilers. 😀 I, too, devour ebooks and audio books. Without them, I would not have known what to do (after my eyes started to go bad).

    • I have read all her work. And used to own them. Last year I gave them all to a friend who lives out of the country. I want to have them again (and I’m not giving them away, this time, lol).

  2. Last book I bought…even though I have 2 e-versions… hardback copy of the collected works of EA Poe….tis dark brooding and heavy 😀 XXX

  3. Oh, my books speak to me too! They’re my treasures! And books that aren’t mine… like the ones on my Amazon Wish List, for example, they talk to me too! They whisper, “Make us yours! You know you want to! Do it! Do it now!!!” 😀

    I adore all your birthday loot!!

  4. Finished Joe Hill ‘heart Shaped Box’ today and going to bed with TP and SB’s ‘the Long Earth’ and think I heard a piano playing in the valley… NY is close to Coolum right(?) sure your PM was fingering something in the distance?

    • Because I’m a serious copycat (and I look for any reason to reread Pratchett, I just copied you and started rereading The Long Earth).

      My Piano Man is always fingering something. Piano playing is very demanding. 😀

  5. I have some Kindle books that have been stockpiling, waiting for the packing and mother in law situation to be done. I am sooooo ready to reclaim my reading time!

  6. I read a book of interviews with Edward Gorey once. He was an odd guy who lived alone with a bunch of cats. The interviewer asked if he was gay and he said, “Who cares? I never interact with anyone. That sort of thing doesn’t mean anything to me.”

    I’ve been reading novels by a guy named Michael Cisco. They’re long and they’re not very heavy on plot, but he can sure paint weird pictures with his words.

  7. I need to find a book I can get into, I always grab 3 books incase I don’t like one, but have been returning them, none of them captivated me. Any suggestions we are going to the library tomorrow. You got some great gifts.

  8. What a great collection!
    We are trying Netflix this month so I have mostly been keeping myself warm with Sherlock, Bones, Elementary etc. 🙂 I did get some Swedish crime novels but they were boring. Next I’m going to look up Tana French.

    • Netflix is the only way my Piano Man and I can keep up with any kind of TV watching. We are currently dancing between True Detective and Daredevil. The latest season of Sherlock is next. 😀

  9. Did I know it was your Birthday? Did I say Happy Birthday? I can’t remember. I’m not sure I like being this busy – I’m forgetting all the Really Important Stuff! Anyway happy birthday, Magaly!! I love Edward Gorey books, and I’m somewhat ashamed to say I’ve never read Sylvia. Eeeep! Actually, I haven’t made it through an entire book in about a year now – whenever I have any free time, I spend it on the computer trying to keep up with the Really Important Stuff! 😀

    • I’m sure you said happy birthday to me. Okay, that’s a lie, but you’re saying it now so I can imagine it if I want to. It’s my birthday after all–around here, we celebrate our birthdays the entire month. And because I’m greedy, I take the celebration way into May. 😀

      I imagined you’d love Gorey. It makes perfect sense. And I think you would really enjoy Plath–a true creepy sister if ever there was one. Reading her might fit right into your schedule, since you can delight in a short poem every now and then. ♥

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