Heart Bits

Today, the Sunday Mini-Challenge, over at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, is being hosted by a stunning and uncannily modest lady “looking for seemingly sweet lullaby-like poems, which ooze… creepiness.” She said to “Craft them fun, write them dark, make my inner-giggling-child want to run far, far, far.” So, of course, my muse and I tried to please her. I’m also linking “Heart Bits” to Poets United (Poetry Pantry, 306).

“Heart Bits”

When the moon’s so full it blinds
and time’s Wheel is wolfing June,
find six dull eyes barren of minds,
rip out their hearts to a gory tune.

Be not too choosy about the eyeballs
and leave no heart feeling the cull,
just swing your scythe (see what falls!)
while blood dances in your skull.

Craft moonlight into horizons
and liven things up with heart bits,
invite a crow to wear your rubies,
to watch you feed the night
from where it sits.

La Luna, by Magic Love Crow
“La Luna”, by Magic Love Crow
(This beauty lives in the home of Debra, She Who Seeks,
humming dark moon lullabies all night long).

81 thoughts on “Heart Bits”

  1. time’s Wheel is wolfing June…

    I love that line..and the cadence of the whole is perfect. Just a little bit creepy, although it seems only right for the crow to wear rubies.

  2. “Bits” is such a delectible — something about this poem crunches like a slightly sclerotic aorta between the teeth. (Squirts, too.) What a fun challenge, many thanks.

  3. Delicious, Magaly–and so perfectly dark. What a magical prompt, and how masterly is your waltz with it, where one must be not too choosy about the eyeballs, because, after all, do you really WANT to see those things in the shadows? Thanks for the nudge that got me to write a few lines, too–these days that is a major deal. So sorry for all your pain and struggles of late–hope you kick their butts to the stratosphere soon.

    • Eyeballs and shadows are always a bit disturbing, aren’t they?

      I’m so glad you participated. After I read your poem, I was listening to Reba McEntire’s “Fancy” and to Cher’s “Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves”… and thinking about lullabies. Yep, it was quite the experience.

      My surgery went well. There is some pain, as it might be expected, but I’m healing quickly. Now I’m just waiting for the actual results. *fingers crossed* And thanks so much for the kind thoughts. ♥

  4. Craft them fun, write them dark – such an intoxicating invitation which as ever you honour and exceed..June is certainly being wolfed down and yet here is this ruby gem..would i trust it with crow or turn them into ruby slippers 😉

  5. Sigh.. ❤❤ Deliciously dark and enticing poem, Magaly 😀 especially love “Craft moonlight into horizons and liven things up with heart bits.” Beautifully executed.

    Lots of love,

  6. Love how this felt like a true fairytale, dark and unforgiving – fantastical and yet also real. Thanks for sharing and thanks for such an invitingly creative and creepy prompt!

  7. Love this, giggling especially with inviting the crow to wear my rubies….”Here you are Sir”. Oh what a sight. Delightful and dark. I always enjoy your writing my friend.

  8. Your dark rhyme kept good time
    took us to a dark crime
    eyeballs, blood, and slime
    out of graves they climb
    when the clock at midnight chimes
    your heart bits will be mine!

    I loved it and what fun this was! Ready to go camping soon.

  9. Well it certainly oozed creepiness but in a happy way! There is always a crow looking for cheap pickings while you are doing the hard graft. This is how the make the horrific palatable!

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