His Fingers Play Their Magic into My Flesh

Fingers spread,
hands flat against the mattress,
hips moving slightly, up and down
up and down—searching
for the spot
where relief is almost, almost, almost…

A fractious moan feeds on the heat
gathered in my hip,
and flies out of my lips
into his ear.

Without speaking, he grabs “the good oil”
and straddles the back of my thighs;
he cradles my hips with his legs
and with strong fingers starts playing
familiar keys on my back,


“A bit to the left.”

“Right here?”

“Yes, but harder.”

“Like this?”


His fingers find the inflamed spot
and play
their magic into my flesh.

My lower back
drinks the comfort of his touch,
welcomes relief
that warms each muscle,
and soothes me
near pain-less
to the bone.

Process Note: When my chronic pain began to worsen, about 18 months ago, my Piano Man began the ritual of rubbing my back night before bed. His hands, his love, his patience and generous amounts of “the good oil” are my best and most welcome form of fast relief. This poem describes our nightly dance… Well, some of our dance; the other parts might be suited for a rather racier blog *cough*.

NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015, Day 10 – Poetry for the Blood, Flesh, Bone and Spirit: Our poems should read like a relaxation chant… unwind us to the bone.

His Fingers Play Their Magic on Me

35 thoughts on “His Fingers Play Their Magic into My Flesh

  1. This is a great example of creating the tactile and the sensual with the imagination–(some say the sexiest part of our bodies is the mind, but I er, digress…)–and it is too often untapped in poetry. But not here–your descriptions are as real, as soothing and as pure in their way, as rain or water on the most primordial face of the earth, the water of life that runs deep in our cells. Can you tell I liked it?

  2. Sexy! Sexy! Sexy! You got to love a man that knows his woman’s special spots (of any kind)! The relaxation that takes place at the end of not only the special lotion working, but of the actual touching of the tender places is priceless! He is a keeper!

  3. Well, that’s a bit of a tease about a racier blog.

    This is wonderful. Closeness and intimacy are healing in themselves and Sharon’s magic oil does seem to add the right touch for love’s anointing.

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