“I Am So Proud of All of Us,” she said. And I smiled…

…the smile sprouted out of my eyes, spread to my lips, and took root in my witchy heart.

Yes, my Luvs, that’s how I feel after Witches in Fiction 2016: Spelling Healing into a Rotting World. I chose the theme because my body has been a bastard for a while now… and because the world is being poisoned—literally and figuratively—by bastard(ish) people and situations. I was looking for a way to share my frustration and outrage, but your posts gave me more than that. We gave each other so much more than I expected. And for that, like Oma Linda, I am proud of us.

Thanks so much for being you, and for helping me do the same… especially when times get this tough on my flesh and bones. I promise to pay it forward, give the same back, send it around…

*three deep breaths…

…okay, two more*

Before I share the names of this year’s giveaway winners, I wish to thank our talented sponsors: Alchemy & Ashes, Eliora, Little Gothic Horrors, Magic Love Crow, Olde Baggs & Stuffed Shirts, SunshineShelle, Three Cats and a Broom, and Touch of the Goddess, you absolutely rock! Goodness knows that you didn’t have to do this, so I’m beyond grateful. Thank you!

So… the winners of the Witches in Fiction 2016 giveaways are:
1. Little Gothic Horrors’ giveaway – Ms Misantropia
2. Three Cats and a Broom’s giveaway – Melancholy & Menace
3. Eliora’s giveaway – Gail Ragsdale
4. Alchemy & Ashes giveaway – Rommy
5. SunshineShelle’s giveaway – Patsy Bachus Ridlon
6. and The Basket, brought to you by Magic Love Crow, Touch of the Goddess, Olde Baggs & Stuffed Shirts, and yours truly – Bookgirl (and Kai Brink, who will receive the Touch of the Goddess portion of The Basket)

Congratulations, my lucky Wicked Luvs! Please message me with your mailing information to magalyguerrero AT live DOT com. Please add the title of the giveaway you won to the subject line of your e-mail. I shall forward your information to the sponsors. Congrats again. ♥

love-baby-crow-by-magic-love-crowI am re-sharing “Love”, by Magic Love Crow, because every time I look at that HUGE smile, I find myself smiling too. I can’t help it. It must be the teeth, and the heart… and Stacy’s energy.

35 thoughts on ““I Am So Proud of All of Us,” she said. And I smiled…”

  1. Congrats to ALL the winners & thanks to sponsors too!!!!!! I shall be in touch with Patsy Bachus Ridlon (WooHoo!) My birthday weekend has slowed down my blog visits, but I can’t rush as I savour each & every post, feeling that energy, I read Oma’s comment, and it made me smile too, that babe is so wise, and Ms Wicked, what can I say, so proud of your call out, so happy to be part of the Healing Warriors gang… I think the world just got a little less rotten… thank you 🙂

  2. That was a great party or event to participate in Magaly! Thanks for organizing, it was incredible experience for everyone.
    Congrats to the winners and let’s create another such party to have more fun and to bring more good change to this world.


  3. This was such a great experience. Everyone really brought out pieces of their hearts to share with one another, and I think all of us found at least a small bit of healing and comfort in the shared words. Thank you Magaly for putting together such a fun party that brought out really talented folks. <3

  4. What a splendid party, indeed! Congratulations to the winners, I can imagine the smiles on your faces. :-).

    To you all participants, I feel privileged to have participated with such talent. Thank you so much for inspiration and lending me your ears!

    Many thanks to the gifted and generous sponsors. Wow, your artworks in all their uniqueness – outstanding! Btw, “Magic Love Crow” the little tweet stole my heart, and now tells doesn’t fly as far as Finland, it’s too cold. 😀 …*sigh*

    And to you Ms Wicked, Magaly! A huge thank you for your generosity; giving of your time, talent, inspiration and support. May you richly receive as you deserve. ♥♥♥

    • I’m so happy (and thankful) for the kind of energy this party birthed. I think all our good bits danced together and crafted a soothing song. That’s what happens when we work together… and give. We are lucky!

  5. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! I won my first ever giveaway!! Thank you SO SO SO much!!! Congrats to all the other winners and, of ,course to the sponsers . I am beyond thankful. Thank you too you my dearest Magaly for this awesome party. I loved visiting everyone and you have no idea how this party was needed ……healing indeed 🙂

  6. Congratulations to all of the winners. But even more so, congratulations to you Ms. Magaly. It is the highest form of love to have others want to join in with you and do something fun. You brought out the talent, love and humanity in all of the participants and the visitors with their wonderful affirming comments. Ya dun good sweetheart. We all love you so, so much.
    I also have a little secret give away on my blog for yet another, doll makeover to those who suggested names for the gatekeeper.
    Thanks again for a wonderful way to live, laugh and love, xoxo Oma Linda

    • None of this could happen if each of us hadn’t done her bit. So congratulations to all of us. We did yum. And you are so right, the comments still make me smile… and will keep me doing so for a while.

      I must run to your blog and see about a naming!

  7. Congratulations to everyone!!! Wonderful giveaways from some gracious and talented bloggers! And a HUGE Thank you to Magaly for sponsoring this event! I believe everyone put some great healing energy out to the world! As for the Happy Crow full of Love, every time I see him I smile. Today’s been a little rough and that cute crow got me smiling again. Now that is some good energy right there! Big soft hugs, Robin

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