I Knew, But…

I birthed my children knowing
they would grow up to consume
me, billions of bites at a time.

I watched them make tools
full of teeth, to cannibalize
the tender greens
on the forests of my hips.

My children used to be bright;
if they fell my shoulder bare,
they would plant cuttings
in the hollow of my throat—
for balance, for tomorrow.

But something has gone wrong
with their minds (or their souls).
They’re stripping all my green,
and now we can barely breathe.

I knew they would consume,
but my nightmares never dreamed
they would waste everything.

written for On Her Day, Gaia Wails – Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month, 2016 (Day 10)
Jour de la Terre – Earth Day, over at Sanaa’s Prompt Nights

Myth-Gaia, by Zelda C. Wang
“Myth-Gaia”, by Zelda C. Wang
(find Zelda’s stunning work on her website, Society6 and DeviantArt)

59 thoughts on “I Knew, But…

  1. Gosh Magaly 😀 this is so beautifully sad and haunting.. especially the images of children as they “cannibalize the tender greens on the forests of my hips.” Powerfully expressed.

    Lots of love,

    • Thank you, Sanaa. I was just looking out of my window… There is a little square blooming with flowers and budding trees–so beautiful. Then I think about what is happening in most of the world and the contrast is definitely haunting…

    • By the time we’re done, we’ll be eating our own hearts. We can be that stupid as a people… *sigh*

      And yes, there is something divine and extremely haunting about Gaia’s piece. She looks like she’s dying or already dead… It gave me chills.

    • It’s difficult to have a soul and a mind and not think of what we’ve been doing to our planet. Difficult, indeed… It’s strange how so many people still fail to see it, isn’t it?

  2. What a wonderfully perceptive post Magaly. This is exactly how I feel too. Sadly there are so few of us that feel this way who care little for their own children’s future.

    • It’s so strange to see people destroy the planet while saying that they are doing it because they need money to ensure their children’s future. Maybe their children can breathe inked paper and drink oil *sigh*.

  3. They’re stripping all my green,
    and now we can barely breathe.

    One cannot be certain of kids these days. They might squander what the parents had painstakingly saved for old age! It happens in some instances!


  4. “I birthed my children knowing
    they would grow up to consume
    me, billions of bites at a time.”


    “But something has gone wrong
    with their minds (or their souls).”

    Truth is devastating, realization…will it come too late???

    Powerful piece I enjoyed reading..

  5. This is a theme that can’t be explored enough, shouted enough–how wrong we have become, how too many of us want too much and so many don’t have even enough, as they slave their lives away in the understory of what we seem to see as some kind of (slowly dying) green factory. Just excellent, Magaly, and the crisp little stanzas are just perfect hammers for hitting the nail on the head.

  6. I think in some ways all children consume a little of their mother/parent – but if they grow and learn that can be perhaps replenished. As a species we sadly don’t give back all that much to mother earth.. i love how you have drawn this into such an intimate perspective – and ‘the forests of my hips’ – so beautiful..

    • Children are, indeed, supposed to feed on parents–we can’t care for ourselves when we are babes. The crime starts when we grow up and should know better… but our actions suggests that we are dumb and uncaring… really, really, really dumb, since, in a way, we are basically chewing our own arms and legs and hearts off… our own hips.

  7. How did I miss commenting on this??? There is such a sad and weary tone through it, weary of giving and giving, and now having lost any expectation of receiving back, even though that would be in the best interests of those cannibalizing her.

    • You’ve probably been high on tea and yummy reading. It happens to me all the time. 😀

      There is certainly a lot of anguish in giving oneself completely to creatures that want more and more and more…

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