I Shall Dream You and Write You a World

I woke up dream-drunk… my skull full of worlds with walls made of words and wants that demand to be written into a tale. Between my eyelids and sleep, I watched two slick shadow-clad bodies frolicking in a pond that was mostly mud.

Still half-asleep, I reached for a notepad I keep next to my bed, and scribbled the first three lines of this post. I didn’t want to forget the dance… or the mud. And I didn’t. The dream was in my mind as I watered my plants, as I waited for the sun to kiss my grin, as I sipped my passion fruit tea, as I typed these words, thinking, Don’t worry, my muddy sweets, I shall dream you and write you a world. Soon…

Speaking of dreams, writing and other things I love, my passiflora is budding…

my passion-
flower dreams summer
in my hand

…my mango plant, which is proudly bushy, is sprouting new color…

…and this morning, my bean plant woke up flowering.

The world isn’t perfect, my Wicked Luvs. Most of the time, it isn’t even happy. But… if we take a deeper look, if we dare to dream wild dreams, we might just find one thing (or thirteen) that makes us smile (delightfully wicked) for a while.

34 thoughts on “I Shall Dream You and Write You a World”

  1. I’m very curious about the slick shadow clad bodies frolicking in muddy waters. Naked mud wrestlers, or 2 lovers skinny dipping under the stars? Hmmm…
    (and I love your beautiful green plants).

  2. I absolutely adore this Magaly 😀 we often have dreams which we love to hold onto, love the idea of having a notepad by the bed!❤️ Happy Wednesday and lots of love 😀

  3. I live vicariously through your plant pictures… just so you know. ^__~
    How big does the mango get? I’m contemplating planting the seed of the next one I eat… but weighing the pros and cons involved with defying my Mrs. “NO MORE PLANTS IN THE HOUSE” edict… ^______^
    XOXO <3

    • I shall enjoy gardening doubly, then, for both of us.

      Mango trees get as big as an oak. But, they won’t outgrow the pot. This one is three years old, growing in a half-gallon pot. Still, you should never go against the Mrs. That might not be safe. 😀

  4. Mango plant…new leaves show their “fall” accessary pigments (reds, oranges, yellows) before producing chlorophyll en masse, hiding them again until the dying process begins with chlorophyll recycling.

    I am sure a metaphor’s in there somewhere….

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