If I Could

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68 thoughts on “If I Could”

  1. If we could actually see hearts, if we could spell them out of chests to see with our own eyes if they bleed and feel or if they just lie there, pretending – life would be so much easier.

  2. I noticed that post on Insta and the interpretations of the words by others, which were different to my interpretation of them. I remember thinking at the time that it was so interesting that people find different meanings reading the same lines. I guess I naturally lean towards darker conclusions. It’s a fascinating dynamic between writer and reader. No matter what the writer intends, the reader can create an entirely new beast through their own inferences.

  3. I like the softly burbling anger in this piece. It reminds me of a curse I read once, “May the full horror of your actions be realized by you.” I could think of many people in sore need of a feeling heart, both to stop them from continuing to hurt others, and for my satisfaction in watching them finally feel some of the pain they freely spread.

  4. You know i am tempted to say Sweet. Ha.

    I def read it a different way. As if the question is do they have a heart…can they even feel. ..and there is a great sadness in that for me. Because something or someone made them that way.

  5. The only time I would expect “sweet” from you is if you took up residence in that vacant witches cottage that Hansel and Gretel frequented lol…that said …I am licking my lips at your luscious poetry XXX

  6. And you did go for poetry! The piece is deep and almost asks the reader to examine their own heart.

    I agree poems do wild things with words. They speak to us, they find us at different places (frame of mind), and the beauty is that they can be open to interpretation. Isn’t it just interesting to read these responses, which may be closer or further away from what the writer had in mind!😊

  7. I suppose ‘sweet’ is relative. I agree with your very wise and feeling definitions of the differences between poetry and story-making–this is poetry that has a story in it, but leaves the entire synopsis to the reader–I personally can think of many people in the news today who could really use the offer you make, because I’m pretty sure they don’t know what it is to be human. But maybe that’s harsh. Regardless– great poem, great 55, and great as always to have you spin your words for us, dear Magaly. Please have a kickass weekend however you can.

  8. I read it differently here than the 3 lines on Instagram. I love words and the way they twist and turn and change with every added word. Mmmm…simply yummy, and I wonder of the few people I am thinking of, would their hearts bleed or just pretend. I love this!

  9. Maybe sweet is a word that more describes the reader than the poem. Passion can be every light and darkness in the book, so I might say it’s darkness too. Love it

  10. Oh Magaly!❤️ This is soo beautifully deep and potent! I can feel the rawness of emotion as one would their own rhythm of heart. These lines will stay with me: “I would spell it right out of your chest, see if it bleeds or if it just lies there, pretending to love, to hurt, to know (to really know) what it is to be human.”❤️

  11. Wonderful writing, Magaly. I also liked your introduction and the way you described the differences between non-fiction, fiction, and poetry. In fact, your comment on fiction makes me want to write it again….smiles. As for your poem, powerful images…writing a heart to feel..nice!

  12. Great post! The prose was brilliant – I could not have said it as well as that. Very cool artwork – in and of itself, to say nothing of its visual impact on the poem – and the poem is FANTASTIC. I thought, at first pass, I sensed anger – but, after I let it percolate for a bit, it felt more like intense frustration. Powerful words! Awesome work!

  13. I don’t think I would call it sweet. To me, it is an aching request, a plea to feel, to see, to connect. It was beautifully sad and filled with longing. I loved it!

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