If We Dare and Want

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67 thoughts on “If We Dare and Want”

  1. I love the sense here that love is something that must be entered through grand and dangerous caverns. To dare and want. What’s treasure without dragons? PS, Your living space must be a wilderness what with all these Darker Words creations lurking about. A magic forest.

  2. If I read these lines right…
    “Love is
    you and me,
    if we dare…

    and want

    Then I agree that LOVE is neither pain or pleasure but what WE do with it that creates those experiences with it

  3. Thanks for this awesome introduction to blackout poetry. You chose the ‘hanger’ for your piece, well. Enjoyed your artwork. Your post gives me pause. There’s a lot of hard truths and just plain hard aches in the that quid pro quo expectation that we all seem to bring to affairs of the heart – whether we are aware of it, or not.

    • I think that we lose so much when we forget that love is not something magical that comes out of nowhere, but a sort of magic that needs effort in order to work properly, to become what we want.

  4. Nice, Magaly. It made me think. And I decided that we shouldn’t spend too much time trying to decide. Rather to plunge in and follow your heart. I’ve
    tried both ways, don’t wait.

    • Of course. Love is… caring enough to stick all the socks in a single sock, and then smack him all over with the weaponized sock-ball without killing him. But it’s always good to make him scream, just a little.

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