In Her Bones, a Storm

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45 thoughts on “In Her Bones, a Storm”

  1. You weave so much together here, Magaly — the Pope quote reminded me of something I was mulling the other day, how it takes a lot of forays, half-poems, better shoes to arrive at what we’re most truly singing–to arrive at that level of the dance: OK, the “classic agony dance” could be sexual, could be collective–a clashing wild slamdance which brings something to birth, into being. Empathy flowing out — “feel their feels” — to this couple who is all of us at this moment, I suppose. The wounded healer thus finds the cadence. Great stuff.

    • I keep on wishing that the world soon realizes that “this couple… is all of us”. If we ever acknowledge that, then we might be able to start healing old wounds. And the ones that still bleed.

  2. We must be human together,
    or we will be nothing.

    A togetherness and a oneness forestall the feelings of openness. An ingredient of outward happiness! Great wordcraft Magaly!


  3. Certainly pain can be felt on many levels and be derived from multiple sources. I am relieved to know your physical pain is manageable at present, but share your anguish at the painful truths which we face on a seemingly daily basis these days.

  4. Whistles!!❤️💜This is absolutely stupendous writing, Magaly! 😊You are such a powerhouse of emotion in this heart-wrenching write! Especially touched by; “The ‘tempest-tossed’ can’t breathe with stone walling their throats, with water drowning the life out of truth.” We must strive to stand together and breathe back humanity into the world! Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support.❤️💜

    Lots of love,

  5. The events of today can take a mental toll that can easily be felt as physical as emotional pain. You really captured the rage and disgust that keeps one fighting, even if they feel worn down by it all.

  6. This might account for why I am feeling so bad these days with the spectre of some dramatic political and possible international backlash to the irrational governance in the States at the moment. Yes it is shameful as for years we have strived for governments of and for the people and to see this trashed overnight is appaling.

    • I think that it’s almost impossible to live right now without feeling the ugly tug… I really, really, really hope that the madness goes away as quickly as it came. I girl’s dream, I know… but a girl needs her dream to make (and endure) reality.

  7. I am so glad your physical pain has not worsened! I, too, am feeling the pain of our circumstances. I keep hoping that we will wake up and realize it has all been a terrible dream. But, I realize that this is a living nightmare and we have been played. The Lady in the harbor weeps justified tears.

  8. I’m glad things are stable for you, but I still wish they were better 🙂
    Very powerful words!!!
    I don’t even have words to say what I feel, what is going on with the United States, because as you know, it’s affecting everyone! Did you hear about the children turned away, that was suppose to get life saving health care. But they were turned away because of the travel band. Sick Kids in Toronto (Canada) are looking in to see if they can help them out.
    I really wish this was all a dream!!
    Big Healthy Hugs 🙂

  9. “in her bones, a storm
    howls of broken dawns and shame,
    of hearts bought and sold” That shouts the pain. I think your physical pain has helped to make you so compassionate and ready to fight for other’s pain. But, I am so glad to know your Crohn’s is stable.

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