In Japanese Mythology 4 Is Rather Unlucky

While delighting in an article on how to write a proper haiku, I read that in Japanese Mythology the number 4 is very lucky. I have nothing personal against dear 4—I mean, there are 4 seasons, 4 elements of power, 4 ways in which I like to eat my mangoes (okay, the latter is a lie, but it completed my trio.

Anyhoo (I love this word, by the way), although the number 4 is not a personal enemy, I do have low tolerance for even numbers. I’m not sure why. But even numbers, 12 and 6, in particular, make me feel uncomfortable… I avoid them whenever I can.

I wonder why the Japanese think 4 to be unlucky *goes to do a bit of searching*… It seems that “Four is sometimes pronounced shi, which is also the word for death.” Ouch.

Don’t be alarmed by the randomness of the last three posts, including this one; I am still working on the website. Don’t you get tired of things like, “Test Post”? Well, I do.

Oh, the numbers 5, 9 and 13 are extremely lucky in Magaly Mythology. 😉

Four Seasons, by Ewa Kienko Gawlik

Four Seasons, by Ewa Kienko Gawlik

17 thoughts on “In Japanese Mythology 4 Is Rather Unlucky”

  1. I, too have an affinity for odd numbers. But also, for shapes with hard edges like squares, rectangles, and tiangles ( no even numbers or circles, spheres or ovals for me) Don’t know why – just always been that way.

  2. Research!?!? *incredulous look* Woman, you could have asked me and I could have told you! LOL Yep, four sounds like death (I hear it often enough in anime). In tea ceremony you never want to have an even number of tea sweets. You always have an odd number, with more than enough for all the guests.

  3. LOL, OK at 2 a.m. If I had answered it I’d be unlikely to give anything resembling a coherent answer. It’d probably come out as “Mmm, yes…death…tea…haha…good anime fight…”

    • 5 for change
      9 for the femininity of the Goddess
      3 for her triple aspect.

      Yep, they’ve been my companions for as long as I can remember. Culture and belief are such powerful thing, aren’t they?

      • Yes, I was the assistant manager at Teavana in Troy Michigan. I enjoyed my experience and learned a LOT about tea nad all the benefits of it from the owner’s wife who was from China, but I don’t think I could work in that environment again. They say things and policies have changed since I was there in 08 and even though I was good at my job, high-pressure sales just aren’t my cuppa tea, so to speak, LOL!!

  4. Hi
    I have been reading about number 4 being unlucky, the reason I read up about it is because it seems to be following me everywhere I turn the number 4 is staring back at me, just before I woke up one morning I had this vision of a man standing all in pure transparent light and he had white tunic and trousers on and on a piece of rope line there was 4 other sets I then woke , I have always thought someone was going to die dont ask me way, I took it that it was going to happen in 4 days 4 weeks or 4 years. The days weeks and months went by 2 year to go but I can’t stop think and wondering who it could be maybe myself, my granddaughter also died on the 4th of July 3 years ago, and my partner and my birthday are on the 4 th. If you have any advice you could give me on this I would so appreciate it. Thank you

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