(Intentionally) Perverted Senryū

“Country song goes… ‘Rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey, whiskey makes my baby feel a little frisky’. [To which] Jack [age 3] says, ‘Mom, whiskey makes babies?!’” ~ from Parenting, by Caroline Bologna

Yep, the coolest members of the human species are wee hysterical fountains of wisdom… who Create the Best (Unintentionally) Naughty Misspellings. Then, we grow up (on the outside), and the hysteria is totally intentional:


T is for tatas…
unless it’s cold (and you’re 5),
then T is for tights

beware of tall Dicks
to keep your neck from snapping,
opt for a short John

penis meals are hard
to swallow, it’s quite all right
to spit for comfort

I hope you laughed, my Wicked Luvs…

…life is always more glorious, when you “armor your-Self
with humor”. Trust me. I know things.

31 thoughts on “(Intentionally) Perverted Senryū”

  1. T is for TIT(tering)S!
    F is for FUNNY!
    Can’t for the life of me understand why there has been some outrage. What a prudish society we have become when unintentionally risqué child-speak has become a taboo subject. I’m sure the kids in question will gleefully share the stories of these innocent gaffes with their friends when they’re older.

  2. oh guffaw.
    life hands us lovely happenstances and we should embrace them for what they are……funny, cute, naughty and the best bits of being alive

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