International Day of Twerking Riot

The sacredness
of the International Day of Twerking
was tainted by a furry mob
(dogs, jackals, coyotes and three cheeky cats)
howling in front of the Hollywood sign:
“Canines want their holiday back!”

Fox News was the first to arrive
and make a scene.
“Decent humans
have been persecuted by dogs

No one ever learned
when dog’s oppression
of decent humans
since a coyote and two jackals
(never seen together before)
rushed the reporter;

the man was relieved of lips and tongue,
plus most of the right side of his face.

After the ripping was done,
an organized pack
of domestic dogs
made the reporter their

Wolves and foxes refused to be dragged
into this nonsense.

Process Note: yesterday, three Russian women (rather young) were put in jail for performing the “erotic and sexual twerk dance” in front of a WWII memorial. Yes, minds (and muses) work in mysterious (and sometimes ridiculous) ways… Be kind; don’t call the parenthesis police… or twerk.

for NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015, Day 27 – Making Cheer Up: Write a poem about a holiday invented by you.

I just couldn’t stomach any of the twerking images I found,
so I leave you with an ashamed polar bear
Ashamed Polar Bearvia

23 thoughts on “International Day of Twerking Riot”

  1. While searching for a quote for tomorrow’s poem from Terry Pratchett (how can I choose just one?), I ran across this.
    “The intelligence of the creature known as a crowd, is the square root of the number of people in it.”
    Terry Pratchett

  2. Nice write! Also I’m glad you picked a peek-a-boo polar bear rather than an actual twerk. While I agree that Russian women should be able to twerk where they want to, most of the twerk pics and videos on the internet are disturbing to say the least. I didn’t know what twerking was and one day I did a google search on it. I can never unsee what I saw that day.

    • As a dear friend said to me, “Everybody has the right to be stupid…”, but damn, I which their stupidity didn’t spread. Freedom of expression is the most precious gift we’ll ever have. Maybe one day we–all of us, even most of us–will use our freedom to learn how to live better. I, too, made the mistake of googling the accursed word some time back… me eyeeeee!

  3. I was laughing just reading the title, and then you surprised me with some very snarky social comment, and if ONLY re: the lips and tongue–a fantasy of mine for all such liars–just a wonderful piece, Magaly. I love best I think the last two lines. And afa twerking–yes, leave it to the canine experts, I say. (My muse was having a doleful day–she does that occasionally, breaks out the Goth–where all I could write about was rather dire–I did write a really depressing poem for this prompt called The Holiday of Death, but it was too grim even for me. ;_) )

    • Sometimes we can only laugh at some of the world’s nonsense. If we don’t, we might pull our hair out… And yes, there are people whose tongues should just melt mid-word, maybe reshape in a minute or fifty… after they thought about the consequences of their lying. A girl can dream, right?

      I hope you know that I won’t stop thinking about “The Holiday of Death”. I hope you share it eventually…

    • I had the same thought/doubt/dread, lol! So I, of course, googled it… Not yet. But I fear that it’s just a matter of time. I hope the jackals, coyotes and dogs are getting ready for it. 😀

  4. Okay! Did you & Piano Man get interrupted , in the woods you hang- out in’ ?
    As the poems to follow have a naughty underbelly to them. See what happens when I really focus! Caught. yaw! xoDebi

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