It Hurts, but It Doesn’t Harm

I’ve received emails from Wicked Darlings who wanted to know if “hurt and harm weren’t just two different ways of saying the same thing?” I replied that it wasn’t, and promised, that once we finished gifting the cruellest month with our poetry, we would discuss Hurt vs. Harm at length. For the purpose of this prompt, “Hurt equals physical sensation; and Harm refers to physical injury, damage or illness.”

So, my Luvs, keeping that in mind, on day 8 of NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015, Weave a poem that explores the difference between hurt and harm.


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Joan of Arc, by Michelle KennedyJoan of Arc”, by Michelle Kennedy
“done on a washed up, sea ravaged piece of driftwood”.

31 thoughts on “It Hurts, but It Doesn’t Harm”

  1. Here is mine, group:

    Lost and Found

    I have to be away from the computer for much of today, but will be back as soon as I can to see what everyone has done–may have severe storms tonight, so it could be tomorrow.Thanks, Magaly, for these wonderful wonderful prompts.

  2. Interesting words, I am very much aware of the difference between hurt and harm. Though I am not clear on why you are characterizing them as physical..? I guess for the purpose of the writing challenge?

    Another set of definitions could be:
    Victim: Hurt is in the now, while it is happening, and it may pass with time. Harm is the lingering wound, the conseqence, the life changer.
    Perpetrator: Hurt is the unintentional, but sometimes unavoidable. Harm is the intentional, the cruel act.

    • There is so much to be said about “hurt and harm” that some NaPoWriMo participants were feeling overwhelmed, so as you figured out, I limited things a bit for the purpose of the prompt. In a few weeks, we’ll have all kinds of time to discuss “hurt and harm” in all is terrible ramifications… I sure hope you’re here for it! I’ve missed you. ♥

    • Of course. Try not to let the horrors of the world make you feel dirty. Angry? yes. Sad? unavoidable. But letting someone else’s crimes stain us only gives them power over us. We can’t allow that… If we do, they win something. And we can’t let them win. No.

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