Kiss Weird on the Mouth

I love prompts that offer me the chance to play with my weird… so I was all cackles and happy giggles when Sumana, over at Poets United, made “Weird” her Midweek Motif. And the theme arrived just in time, since this week NYC’s seasonal hot flashes seem to be just asking for it. 😉

“Kiss Weird on the Mouth”

On spring days that bloom
in the fall of winter’s cold,
I kiss Weird on the mouth
and invite her to dance
summer heat into my bones.

Weird’s hips twerk
to the tune of her own seasons,
the Wheel of the Year
until spring’s hot comes in winter.

My pen teases the words
on the tip of my Muse’s tongue,
when winter stays
for much too long, and
I yearn for spring to come.

Wild Dancer“Wild Dancer”
inspired by the Sagewoman magazine logo

57 thoughts on “Kiss Weird on the Mouth”

  1. Weird definitely needs to be embraced – i like how all of us so far have celebrated weird – i wonder if it goes hand in hand with curiosity and creativity

    • I, too, have been enjoying the way we’ve been approaching to our weird. And I think that as artists, we are more willing to adapt to change and to embrace the universes curve balls.

  2. This was delightful! There is that ache in those last few days of winter that any tease of the spring to come feels wonderful. With me it’s the feeling I get, when I notice how the daylight is increasing, that makes me want to dance.

  3. I really like the way you’ve personified Weird. I think we all know at least one of her…or him!

  4. Magaly, this is a whimsical take on being a woman in so many ways! Filled with images that inspire me to get out of my everlovin funk and DANCE. Maybe not twerk, but…!

    Too much fun. Thank you for the inspiration. Love, Amy

  5. Oh yes, let us all dance. Loved your poem and the painting. Just talked to my aunt – says Spring is ariving early in New York. Enjoy.

    • Thank you, Old Egg.

      The way the seasons are changing is a bit worrying… okay, a lot worrying. And you are so right–I so wish you weren’t–we are killing the world, and we don’t seem to realize (or care) that she is hurting so much. Every time I think about what we are leaving for our children’s children… something at the core of my being hurts deeply.

    • I wonder if spring is here to stay. Our weather has been so insanely weird these past few months, that I wouldn’t be surprised if we got snow again… after having experience 70-something degree weather.

  6. Perfect art piece to a perfect poem, i love the seasonal swirl of it all. Sorry i haven’t been by lately, I’m literally up to my eye balls in home repair and taking care of the tribe.

  7. Loved this NYC spring poem… I was just chatting with my sister who lives in NY… she sent me a picture of Empire state building in the evening.. all lit pink… I would love to visit your city some day, let’s see.

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