Let’s Craft Something Made of You and Me… Together

I’m off to spend some end-of-year quality time with scrub-wearing women and men who’ve taken life-saving to a clinical level. I plan to use the dreaded hurry-up-and-wait time between appointments to craft my last bit of word-yum for 2018.

For me, this year has been all about baring my teeth in the face of trouble and dancing chest-to-chest with chaos. I suspect that whatever I create, today, will be fed by those emotions. Since so many of you have been walking this path with me, I don’t want all the feelings in the story or poem to be mine alone.

So, my Wicked Luvs, in 13 words, leave me a comment telling me what my Muse should add to the story/poem on your behalf.

Read you later. Write you always.

* The piece will be posted on my new blog, Words by Magaly Guerrero.


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13 thoughts on “Let’s Craft Something Made of You and Me… Together”

  1. The hidden strength and grace beyond the fickleness of our own veneer.

    Thinking of you dear beautiful friend. I send you all the power and love of my own spirit to help lift you into a beautiful new year. <3 x

  2. Thank you for sharing your journey, Magaly, I have learnt so much about the human heart and your tenacity is an inspiration.

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