Life Is Selfish…

…and thank goodness for that bit. The moment life stops being self-centered, death comes and steals the show. Nothing against death, who looks so chic in all her black and bone motifs. But… some of the best feels require some flesh.

Like coffee, can you see me delighting in coffee without using some tongue?
Exactly! Tongueless coffee might be joyless (and, perhaps, impossible),
especially on cloudy days (when we want to grin even if the sun is in a mood).

Anyhoo, life wants more Magaly for herself (who can blame her? I’m freaking awesome), and I must indulge her wants. No major changes. Just that I’ll post stories and poems only on Tuesdays. But worry not (well, maybe a bit), since I promise (threaten?) to stalk you on Facebook and Instagram every single day.

And for the 13 or 31 of you who are not on Facebook or Instagram, I shall post FB and Insta recaps (photos, poem bits, random rants) every other week or so. These recaps shall include writing updates and riotous ramblings about what I (and one of my parasols) get up to in The Woods and in The City.


the recaps and rambles will look something like this:

Last year, my Piano Man got me a red parasol.
I love it (not just because it’s red), but because it makes everything cooler.
Also, someone on FB said the pattern looks like veins and arteries,
which makes it cooler in a whole new way.


The pomelo seedling below was birthed from a fruit I ate some months ago…
I’m wondering if the tea (I hope to get from its leaves) will be just as sweet.
The wee stone in the pot followed me home from Friday Harbor.

in the spring,
soft leaves and heart stones
grow beauty


writing and stuff…
– I am rewriting some of my old stories and poems, trying to decide which collection to publish first. Or if I want to go for a twosome. We shall see…

What about you, my Luvs, what have you and life been up to these days?

27 thoughts on “Life Is Selfish…”

    • I know what you mean, one of the reasons I’m thankful for Instagram is because it works on short bursts–that I can handle between things. Blogging takes more time, but allows for deeper (and more lasting) insights… which is why this will always be my cyberhome. But I will have something every week. It won’t be so bad. 🙂

  1. Well…you know I started writing a bit again. I wrote the most horrifying, from the side of the writer, thing I’ve ever written…and luckily Aj understood. If you want I’ll send you the link. Also, life does change. My Lady Love and I bought a little white house built in 1940. It’s on a quiet street in a town like Mabury. Our next adventure starts at the end of July…

  2. Life can be demanding, and very untimely sometimes, whether we like it or not Lol. Best to just go with the flow… or go mad, or worse. I, of course, will be following you on fb.

  3. Oh, my! I just adore that view from your balcony! For some reason, I always seem to feel instantly transported straight to that spot.

    I’m never going to argue with a little indulgence. Have at it, m’lovely! ♥

  4. All the SoMe hassle is indeed becoming a bit much. I try to limit myself to certain times every day for various channels, without forgetting to interact … and the blog suffers for it. ^^

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