Love and Lust and More…

“Love gives you something extra… It makes you limitless…” ~ Adam Scythe


I need no one (other than me)
to love me, to want me,
to make me feel
desired, but…
that look, that wild look
in your eyes, that deep dance
between love and lust and more…
oh Love! that wanting look is need
I never knew I could relish in
needing from anyone… but me.


the wee notes…
– the other day, my Piano Man and I were in bed. I was being my healthily naughty sexual self, when he smiled one of those smiles that makes human beings hold their breath until undies begin to drop and… well, you know the smiles I mean. Anyway, he smiled at me, and said, “You are an incredible woman. This hasn’t changed you at all.” One of his hands was on my mastectomy scar when he said that. I doubt I’ll ever be able to explain exactly what those words, that smile, that touch… did to me, what that moment meant to me. So, I chose to poetize it instead… hoping your own heart (and lungs?) can feel some of it. Oh, and… um… the fact that my Piano Man and I broke the bed shortly after that is totally unrelated. Really! Stop laughing! All right, you don’t have to stop, I start roaring every time I think about it. Bwahahaha!

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Vortex of Passion, by Leonid Afremov

65 thoughts on “Love and Lust and More…”

    • It’s just so hard not to grin or cackle at the memory, isn’t it? It was even the actual breaking of the bed, but the look on his face (which I’m sure mirrored mine *pure shock* and then the laughter). At least the bed stayed whole enough to let things get where they needed to. *hehehe*

  1. Bwahahahahaha… are such a naughty inspiration (but our bed is over 100 years old, so I’m not breaking it for anyone) 😀 CWS XXX

  2. You can’t buy this sort of love and support with all the billions in a Swiss! You’re incredible… and not to lay pressure on you…but when I think of your name, 2 words pop into my head; war and hope. I’m not sure what it really signifies…but a warrior- you’re that for sure.

  3. Ah, this is beautiful — such moments are exemplary in their details — the right word, glance, smile, and touch from the right person can mean so much.
    This captures it all: “that wanting look is need/I never knew I could relish in/ needing from anyone… but me.”

  4. This made me smile hugely 😍 that look which you describe is really something to hold on to! Love this especially; “I never knew I could relish in needing from anyone… but me.” ❤

  5. There’s some powerful shizz in knowing how well and strongly one is loved, even if they are already confident in their own inherent lovableness.

    LOL, I remember bent bed frames too.

    • Especially when one is confident of one’s own inherent lovableness. Because one knows that one doesn’t need it. And someone still gives it. Best icing on the cake ever!

      Now, I can’t stop picturing bent bed frames and a mischievous look on your face, lol!

  6. “oh Love! that wanting look is need
    I never knew I could relish . . .” Ah, ah! May you learn this over and over again! I love how this poem hinges on two “but”s, Love the illustration and your fun note–yup, now my heart expands and I’m laughing too. Beautiful woman, beautiful piano man!

    • I think your words have pointed out the most important thing I’ve gained through these days, while going through all the extra-mad health issues: I find myself collecting those looks–and they are always different–and keeping them in a special place in my mind and heart to rejoice in them whenever things get slightly unbearable. They are the perfect antidote, those wonderful looks… what they mean to me, to us… what they say of us.

    • You know, I don’t think we’ve ever broken a bed before. We’ve fallen off and almost fallen off, but no breaking… this was our first. 😀

      About the touching of the scar, what made it mean so much to me is the fact that my husband is a tad squeamish when it comes to wounds and stitches and things of the sort. But we took it a bit at a time, and he put so much into it, going little by little until the huge slash across my chest became just another part of me… and he loves all of me. You know how hard is to work through our fears, and seeing him defeating this one in such a short time makes me so proud of him. So, yeah, you were not to the only who almost went into that ugly cry when she first saw it. 🙂

  7. You broke the bed?? Huh? Waddayamean? I don’t get it! 😉
    That piano man is perfection. Of course it takes two. He wouldnt be
    perfection with anyone else.

  8. Love it! Bed breaking encounters are the best kind !!

    I enjoyed everything you wrote..your piano man and you are two very beautiful special beings..I loved what he said to you! powerful.
    Gorgeous painting too!

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