Love Is Made of Wild Daisies

pre-Witches in Fiction Giveaway, 5: Painting, Notebook and Pen, sponsored by SunshineShelle 

She dresses in moonlight and night breeze, is thankful for what she can give, and for the smiles the giving breeds. She has little money but feels hugely rich, sharing laughter, hopes and ideas… plus the wonders her brush caresses into being. She thanks Nature for cheery frogs and curious cats, for children who enjoy being one with all things, for stones with meanings that last. In her jolliest dreams, the world isn’t rotting… its health isn’t something one must buy with cash.

she cares not for gold—
love is made of wild daisies
crowning a child’s brow

healing-by-sunshineshelle-1“Healing”, by Shelle Kennedy



a wee note on healing…
– A beloved friend told me that in order “to make the world ‘less rotten’, we need to give what we really want ourselves, not something we don’t desire or have need of.” My friend is wise—giving useful things is rather nice… but giving things we love births pure magic.

to enter this giveaway (the mandatory entry)
– Leave me a comment telling me what comes to mind when you look at Shelle’s painting.

for extra entries…
– 1st extra: Write a witchy tale (31 words of fewer)… include the words: healing and giving.
– 2nd extra: Share this giveaway (on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter…) and tag me.
– 3rd extra: Name the monkey in the third picture, and tell me why you gave him said name.

1 day until Witches in Fiction 2016: Spelling Healing into a Rotting World. Have you joined?

Giveaway Rules, details and stuff…
* I need to be able to contact the winner. If you don’t have a website or social media profile, through which we can interact, please add your email to your comment. If your name comes up, and I have no way of contacting you, I’ll choose another name.
* To my Canadian Luvs, before you can claim your prize, I must challenge your math skills by asking you a very obscure question, such as… what’s 13 + .5? Yeah, as obscure as the law
* This giveaway ends on October 24th, 2016, at 10:13 pm, EDT. The winner will be selected using, and her or his name will be shared on October 25th.
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39 thoughts on “Love Is Made of Wild Daisies”

  1. “she cares not for gold—
    love is made of wild daisies
    crowning a child’s brow”

    I love those lines… and they perfectly articulate what comes to my mind when I look at Shelle’s gorgeous painting! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ (That’s 3 hearts for you each! 😉 )

  2. The painting makes me feel calm and serene, and almost like it’s a memory from long ago. It’s stunning.

    As for the monkey, I would name him Chip. It just got stuck in my head because he looks so chipper heh

    I will be sharing on all three platforms 🙂

  3. To me the painting feels “hopeful” it carry’s a sense of belonging, purpose, and connection. It is Very lovely imagery especially for a moon momma as myself 💙

  4. ..p.s. …. I think the happy little monkey looks like a Clyde❤ I don’t know why for sure, he just seems like a Clyde to me 😀

  5. Shelle’s picture is pure love! The blue tones speak of a warm summer night. Plus, who doesn’t love to have their hair brushed? (Unless you had a mom like mine who pulled your thin, fine hair up into such a tight pony tale that it pulled your eyes into slits and made them water. True story! Lol) I believe the little monkey is named Lawrence and he has run away from home to ply his talents upon the stages of Broadway. His mother now wishes she word have named him Buddy! Love the piece you wrote. You and Shelle make beautiful art together!

  6. Apart from YOU running wild and free dear witchy woman…I was instantly taken back to a time when I danced “ring a rosy” wearing a garland of daisies in my hair as a child 😀 XXX

  7. Shelle’s beautiful painting reminds me of playing with my mothers hair when I was a child, then an adult. Then playing with my children’s hair, and when they played with mine. It’s such a wonderful feeling! Her smile makes me think she is thinking the same.

    “Healing and giving, she’s lovely but chilling, my wild haired witchy friend.”
    “And I know she will be there, when life seems so not fair, until the very end.”

    I will share on Instagram. ❤️😘

    The Monkey name!
    I heard the name Danford the other day and it makes me smile. I told my daughter that the next thing I could name would be a Danford:)
    And last. Your painting is so beautiful as are the lovely words you wrote❤️😊

  8. Oh my word! The painting…such powerful and masterly work of art. Shelle is super talented. I felt goosebumps rise up my skin, the image evoked precious and tender moments shared with my mom as she plaited my hair at that age, and I fell in love with your poem as well. Love everything about your wild daisies. 🙂

    And here’s what the painting elicits:

    She bares and gives it all
    healing powers clasped in strands
    as she softly murmurs a tune;
    a folklore dispelling myth
    you can’t educate a girl child

  9. Wow Shelle!! Wow!!
    I see innocence! I see pure love! Like when mother earth was born. I see caring. I see magic. I see wonder!
    I love your words and what your friend told you! ”
    “Chadley” for the monkey 🙂 He looks like a Chadley! LOL! Very dapper and happy 🙂

  10. Blue mother goddess serene in her twining bountiful healing blossoms of grace as child godsling recites her stories of discovery and connection. Woven into the wild daisies are runes of remembrance, promise, and fulfillment. Such a beautiful creation, Shelle!

    Personally, I’m calling the monkey Cameron, my grammydude’s name, because that smile is so like his, and he’s one year on Terra today 😃😃😃

  11. Dear Magaly,
    Thank you so much, I am so happy and excited to have won! Your words are magic Magaly. I read them and think, ” How does she do this?!?” But I am thankful you do. And the painting is amazing. So much feeling. Thank you so much Shelle, I am so very honored to be able to look at your beautiful painting every day. Thank you so much!
    Your Friend and Fan,

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