Love Me Hard

Lightning doesn’t have to kindle firestorms. While we feed on each other’s flame no other heat will take us apart. Love me because we’ve tasted the scarlet ink writing our souls to heaven without hammering flesh and bone to pieces.

if you know me well,
you will love me hard… knowing
I’ll love you better


Fire of Love, by Samarel


the wee notes…
– crafted out of the replies 13 of you provided when I asked what the senryū portion of this haibun made you feel. Thank you for writing with me, my Luvs. You can read the actual responses here, here and here.

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55 thoughts on “Love Me Hard

  1. There is not just heat here, but also(maybe more importantly, tho it may not seem so at the time) warmth. The lovers here melt together not only because of fire, but because the smithing of their love comes from the craft of knowing themselves and each other. Knowledge and appreciation doesn’t sound as sexy as lightning and flame, but it lasts longer. I love when you do passion, Magaly, because it is always so wise. Thanks so much for playing this week, amid all the many great and not so great things which consume your time and energy. ( I love those last three lines.)

  2. if you know me well,
    you will love me hard… knowing
    I’ll love you better… just love this… that’s the challenge I suppose, to commit and believe…in the end that’s all that matters.

    • I don’t know if I would go that far–some separations are unavoidable, regardless of how high the flames burn–but I agree that when the love and lust and trust are high, almost nothing can end a relationship.

  3. The burn needing no kindling is the only one lasting… a burning without the trouble with ash, or fading of heat… love where your passion took you.

  4. I am in awe of how you distilled so many points of view into this perfectly polished gem of a piece. That there’s word alchemy.

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