Make Yourself Fortunate

“what if a dawn of a doom of a dream
bites this universe in two”
~ e. e. cummings


She shared bits of Clancy and Hansen and McEntire and cummings and Bass with us… and then invited us to poetize “What ifs…”. You need not use the exact words, she said to us. You need not provide answers, she said to us. So, I did (it felt good):


Dear me (who inks life
what should I do if…

…misfortune claims me
day and night and in between,
stealing the moon out of my dark
and burning the sun
out of my light?

What if…
…fate makes me
a plaything, stripped of self-
worth and desire
to be?

What if…
…my flesh morphs
out of my grasp, my wild-
spirit becomes a memory
in a stranger’s past,
and I stop
seeing anything
but bad, bad, bad…?

What if…
…everything makes me
misfortune’s puppet?


Dear me (who inks real
life), craft wild new ways
to show your teeth—
make yourself fortunate
again, again, again…


the visual poetry


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67 thoughts on “Make Yourself Fortunate

  1. I felt this poem coursing though my veins saying yes Yes YES . . . and I’m holding you in LIGHT which is steady through the heartbeats. Your poem has the rhythm of the Fates, but (as in my poem), taking fate in our own hands has power, a fortunate power. I love the letter to self your as your narrator and receiver “inks life perfect” and “inks real life.” Thank you.

    • Thank you so much for seeing what’s there. Someone sent me a message to express how sorry they were to see that I’ve finally lost control over my troubles. It’s so strange (and sort of fascinating), the way experience and personality nudges different people to read so many different things in the same poem.

    • You believe correct, my dearest lady. Unlike the first speaker in this poem, I haven’t done this sort of wondering… I’ve planned, I remind myself to be ready for the first and second and third… plans to fail and put the next plan in place, but aside for that the only commonalities between the first speaker and I is that we both have felt the harsh touch of life and fate and more.

  2. fire always exists, even underground, most certainly in the belly of the earth – so it is you will always hold the spark and find ways to fan the embers to flame and reignite …

    and if you can’t help but feel the darkness, then look up – to the sun or the stars or the moon – energy radiates and always exists …. so it is within yourself you will find spark, hope and light – and there will always be others to help guide you along your way ~

    peace Magaly and courage to roar ….

    • You know me well, m’ darling. The last stanza would be all me, but the rest… never. I can’t even imagine a time when I would feel like there is nothing I could do to make my life better–it’s what I said to the individual who inspired the poem. If the time comes when circumstances make me feel like I lost the ability to turn something so that it work for me, I would start searching until I find the bastard who stole my brain and soul… and then, that sorry individual is going to get it and get it good.

      Oh, and I’ll show my teeth and me teeth all at once. 😀

  3. Your wonderful words are always so strong Magaly, making readers think twice about their own. As for misfortunes puppet aren’t we all that, wading through life quite unaware of what each day will bring? I think writing about real life is good, there’s alway much to tell and it’s far better than fantasy.

  4. “What if…
    …everything makes me
    misfortune’s puppet?”….My present status.
    But your words inspire me to live. Though very difficult I’ll try my best to make myself fortunate.

  5. A stunning epistle to self, Magaly! I think we all ink life perfect as we run from misfortune. These lines are especially exquisite:
    ‘…misfortune claims me
    day and night and in between,
    stealing the moon out of my dark
    and burning the sun
    out of my light’.

  6. This is so raw with emotion, Magaly! ❤ You voice doubts and fears which trouble our hearts and threaten our peace of mind.. this part especially; “What if…my flesh morphs out of my grasp, my wild-
    spirit becomes a memory in a stranger’s past” gave me shivers as I pictured it flashing before my eyes.

    Nothing malicious can overpower or even remotely control your beautiful soul ❤ sending love and warm hugs ☕

  7. All those what if’s Magaly.. Sure all those things can happen, if u let it… You and I know we can control so much, but its how we deal with it..
    I know you are a fighter and I can truly see u win out.. It shows in your writing..
    The challenge you have now is a big one and yes its overwhelming…
    I have this feeling you will be on top of whatever u face.

  8. what if magaly came to tea
    i would offer her some nice fresh brie
    we would laugh and sing and eat chocolate cake
    make so much noise keep the neighbours awake

    I’m in a bit of a mad mood today:)

  9. Yes, “Who does ink real life?” I dare say no one…but I think with all our misfortunes, we are still rich with what we are given in this life, though some days, we are overcome with what is difficult. I am reminded of the old saying, “If it doesn’t kill you, it will make you stronger.” I have found this true.

    • I always like to twist the old saying a bit, so that it says, “If I don’t allow it to kill me, I will make myself stronger because of it.” I might have some control issues *cough*. 😀

  10. Your last stanza is so compelling. I know I have those days where it all just seems too much and this was such great advise. Find new ways, make new ways if none exist, demand new ways. If I use my noggin to creatively find new directions instead of letting it feed my gut with anxiety and stress related hormones, I come out ahead. I am going to type up your last stanza in a fearsome font and post it on my bathroom mirror. Big gratitude, big love!

    • Yes! Yes! Yes! If life pushes us and we don’t push back, we’ll get run over. But if we study our circumstances and do what we can (and must) to adjust things and ourselves, we might just end up learning a whole lot and finding new ways to love just how fantastic we are.

  11. I think that the What-Ifs you include in your poem confront each one of us. It is, of course, difficult, if not impossible, to formulate answers. We take what comes and do the best we can.

  12. My beautiful Magaly,
    This just tears at my soul. You always make me see the better side of things. I wish I’d known you in 2004 when fate made my life dreams turn to ash in my mouth. I’ve still not recovered from the death blow she landed on my world and probably never will. But reading your magic words, my vision of what I thought my life should have been and what it has become changes. Or maybe it is my acceptance of it that changes. Your words bring new meaning to things that I have thought I understood and eases the ache in my spirit. Life doesn’t seem as dark and depressing with you in it. I thank you for your sharing your magic with us. And yes, that magic includes your smile! 🙂
    love & blessings

    • Thank you for saying so. Knowing my words of being have this effect remind me just how important it is to share them. At times, I’ve found myself thinking, Everybody knows this. There is no need to repeat it. But… that is almost never true. Some things we need to hear over and over, even if just from our own lips, in order to feed the magic (and ink) that lives in our soul.

  13. From one who has already traversed all those “What if”s…you are a mighty witch *if I made it through still baring my toothy grin* you will never fail XXX

  14. “Dear me (who inks real
    life), craft wild new ways
    to show your teeth—
    make yourself fortunate
    again, again, again…”

    You will you will you will dear Magaly – for you are totally Yum – and nothing can change that.

    The kindest of regards and loadsa loads of that love stuff and as many hugs as you can handle. (Any unwanted hugs may be returned in a plain brown envelope, but know this – I shall just post them back!)

    Anna :o]

  15. Yes, yes. “Make yourself fortunate again”: This is the powerful chant that shall resound through our days and nights.
    The what-ifs are so evocative; they are reflective of the doubts and fears of existence which is particularly bound to hardships.

    Thank you for this positive, uplifting verse.
    Wishing you the best, Magaly. <3

  16. Please, please ink yourself fortunate. Real. Special. Again. Ink out these fears that are straining to come forward. Smash them. Splotch their ink so it is unreadable.

  17. Madly beautiful and powerful .. just like you. Super-exquisite poetry!! This shook my heart around and made my soul shimmer, such emotional what if’s. flowing with deep potency.

    Hugs, just checking in on you my sweet friend and looking forward to catching up on your freakin beautiful world this wkd..sitting here with my cup of jasmine tea and puppy on my lap!

    PS: whenever I see your visual poetry makes me think of having a magical deck of them..and being able to pull one out and focus on for the day!

  18. Good goddamn girl! I want to make that last my battle cry. This whole thing is just beautiful. The uncertainty gnawing at the corners leading to the slow realization of that we always get to define who we and how we see ourselves and once we know we have to shout it out loud. Ah-maze-ing stuff!

  19. Oh, this made me feel a bit anxious and melancholy… yes, yes you do ink life perfect, don’t you? I had not thought of it that way. But what if and what if? Gah.
    Love. xo

    • I think it’s hard not to feel a tad melancholy when you hear someone wondering this sort of what if. I’ve heard a lot of that these days. Sometimes I feel a bit like I an outsider because, well… I’ve never thought this way. And since I haven’t thought like that, I can’t really see myself telling another, “This is what I do when…” But like the last stanza suggests, from what I know of me I can always express what I think I would do if those questions crossed my mind. I would always work until I have not just something I can live with but something I actually enjoy.

  20. Don’t know what to say… but know you will ‘make yourself’ and others will help ‘make yourself’ and I will watch you ‘make yourself’ fortunate… and your sharp fangs and ink will destroy anything in your path that tries to do otherwise xox

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