Meaning Well Isn’t Good Enough

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63 thoughts on “Meaning Well Isn’t Good Enough”

  1. I love the understanding between the pair. His gently dark humor alleviating her disgust at waste. No flowers need to die for that love. It’s strong enough to create beauty of it’s own.

  2. An incredibly philosophical write, Magaly! 💖 It’s funny how things mean differently to people.. how we perceive beauty and death in terms of emotion. I especially love the senryu at the end and could dwell in its depth forever! 💖

  3. I love a relationship like this… any cut flower is dying (or dead) so I wonder if we ever think of the flower’s perspective.

    • I didn’t always think this way. When I was very young, I didn’t think about it at all. These days, I think about how people are showing their admiration/love and such by gifting the dismembered bits of something that was alive.

  4. I did not know this about you and cut flowers…..and for me the gardener, I feel the flowers sing and gladly give me happiness in garden and vase. I respectfully ask them before I take any and cut only what I need. I feel they say to me that they are pleased to give back the love I have given them in tending them for so long…but I do wonder especially after reading your poem.

    • I wonder if any of us would be willing to give an arm, or a breast, to show our appreciation… You know, I might have to write that story. It might be something worth exploring in fiction.

  5. I used to love cut flowers in the house, then I noticed how the energy in the house changed as they died. I keep only live plants now. You honor their sacrifice!

  6. You are a gal after my own heart Magaly.
    I love love and part of this love is loving flowers where they should be, blooming in the comfort of the rest of their body.
    If someone gifts me a pot plant, I am overjoyed, thrilled to bits – many share my home and I love them, despite their constant thirst, need of watering…
    Cut flowers (to me) are murdered flowers and I feel so sad when they wilt and finally die.
    Anna :o]

    • I eat flowers and plants and animals. I eat all sorts of things. But I can’t get myself to murder something–you are right, there is no other way of putting it–just so that a room can look pretty. They look prettier just being.

      And I’m right with you when it comes to receiving potted plants. They don’t call me the crazy plant lady without reason, lol!

  7. Alas, it is sad that cut flowers don’t last long. Your poem makes a good point. I would much rather leave them in the ground.

  8. I don’t like to cut my flowers from outside and bring them in, either. My mom has never enjoyed cut flower bouquets. We have learned to buy her plants, flowering ones that she can transplant later in her lovely yard. It is so meaningful going out there with her and having her tell me, “This is the one so and so gave me when…”

  9. Curiously I too abhor cut flowers preferring to admire them at home in the garden or in the wild. I always view florists shops as funeral parlors.

  10. I love this, Magaly!
    ‘To the sacrifice, I whisper, “Wilt gently, darlings, I will preserve your bones.”

    I wonder, wonder…
    if cut flowers ever think
    of dying for love’


  11. do you feel the same about cut Christmas trees? when I heard that cut Christmas trees start dying as soon as its cut, that was when we started having live christmas trees..

  12. For us it’s the other way round … the guy likes flower bouquets, so I get him some for special occasions, but I think it’s sad to kill something just because humans think it’s pretty. (He gives me pictures of flowers, or potted plants.)

  13. Very interesting Magaly! You’ve given me something to think about! One of my mom’s friends, gave her flowers for Mother’s Day. They were almost gone. Mom was going to throw them out and I took them. Took all the petals off and sprinkled them around my garden. The colours looked so pretty and in my way, I was honouring them. Funny you talked about this. We were in sync! Big Hugs!

  14. You said it so clearly and well, you scarcely needed the back story. I too prefer my flowers alive. It’s good that you treat the corpses respectfully and give them back to the earth. (I would expect no less from you.)

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