Mightiest of Beasts

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21 thoughts on “Mightiest of Beasts”

  1. I am such a fan of the Suffragette movement. I love how you wove her indignation, her husbands support, and the little boys wonder all together. And, the allusion to what is going on now with women was not lost on me, either. See the truer beast beneath, indeed! Kudos!

    • I’m an admirer of those women. We can complain about having it hard these days, but my goodness, they had it granite… and they pushed and broke things and built things and set a platform on it for us to stand on. Because of all that hard work, I tend to get really pissed off on election days. I’m often left wanted to drag people by their ears, so that they can do what so many fought so hard to get… as you can see, I feel quite strongly about this, lol!

    • I was thinking the same. There is much larger story behind this poem. For instance, how is a boy like Jimmie treated in school? How do the women who support and enjoy the status quo behave towards his mother? And towards a man who supports thinking, in a time when the latter was nearly taboo? So many things…

  2. Wow, you know someone’s in trouble when all three names are used. I can hear all the kids say, “Oooooooooh, you’re in trouble!”

    Also I like to see the word “murderess” especially on the “church lawn”…in front of god and everybody. 😮


  3. Lots of dark power in the emotions here, though much of it is light in tone–you do make the struggle come very close, and the people who endured it very real. I was wondering how you found 1913, earlier when I looked through the richness of choice the headlines offered–just a genius pick for a writing topic–and the striking parallels to today, where we seem to have to fight these battles all over again. Like you, it’s something that makes me see red, politically, especially when people don’t appreciate and *use* the right those women fought so hard for..anyway. a great prompt, and I enjoyed everything I’ve read about it and for it very much.

    • When I thought about the prompt, I was sure my entry was going to be something humorous–there are so many completely insane things said by people at the time. But I couldn’t get myself to find anything funny about how certain men treated women… And don’t even get me started on how the work done by those women is just stepped on today… I get so upset. *breathe, breathe*

    • I think those horrid comments made by some people one hundred years ago would bring strong emotions out of the dead. I still can’t believe some of things that were said, and printed!

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