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39 thoughts on “Mind-Tickle”

  1. Right from the intro I started laughing, because I could see the general direction you were going in. By the end I was shaking, with tears rolling, trying to control my laughter so it doesn’t wake up the rest of my family. This was such a pleasure to read. 😀

  2. It’s funny, I have been thinking alot about comfort the last few days. I am still seriously bad at finding it, worries always get the upper hand. Maybe I’ll get another cat, continue down the road to crazyhood.

  3. Cackles…but also wondering about the significance of the hammer on the rug? LOL. LOVE the unusual words, and cant believe I never came across the book you reference whose title alone is worth the read. Smiles. You are too much fun!

    • I was introduced to the book, just a few weeks ago, by a friend of my Piano Man’s parents. I love it so much. I can’t read it without laughing aloud every few minutes.

      And the hammer is just a hammer. I love hammers, the way the can build and destroy things… 😉

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